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  1. benton

    benton New Member

    Im in the uk and ive had fibro for about 4 years now. Ive just been put on Seroxat (paxil, i believe in the us) as ive been really low recently. Im having a lot of pain at the moment and im finding it hard to cope with it. Im on some painkillers called 'diclofenac sodium' but they arent helping with the pain one bit. The doctor seems reluctant to prescribe anything stronger!! Im getting desperate. Is there anything i could buy myself, that would help with the pain?? Please, any suggestions? ..Thank you


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  2. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    i am in the UK too.
    i use dihydrocodeine for my CFS/FM pain and paracetamol and codeine for headaches .

    It doesn't get rid of all the pain but does help me to cope with it.
    Trouble is its presciption only for the dihydrocodeine.
    i think you should persist asking the doctor for stronger painkillers because chronic severe pain is so draining in itself.
    i think it becomes cruel the amount of pain we have to deal with . The FM pain is nothing like pain in a normal body is it ?
    i can't use Ibufren because of allergies.
    There is a pain med that is part dihydrocodeine and part codeine a sort of halfway drug....can't remember what its called, maybe some one else could try pushing the doc for that one.


  3. benton

    benton New Member

    Pink Quartz

    Thanks for that, its nice to hear from others in the uk with fibro. Im severly allergic to codeine, i found out by mistake when i went into anaphalactic shock!! Im worried about going back to the doctor again. I think he's sick of my complaining, thats why i hoped i could buy something myself. If it gets any worse, i dont think i will have a choice, the pains unbearable.

    Thanks again

  4. tansy

    tansy New Member

    I'm from the UK too.

    I cannot take anything with codeine in it either, nor any of the opiates.

    I think diclofenic sodium is an anti inflammatory drug, sure I've been prescribed it in the past.

    I do benefit from anti inflammatories but the majority of people with CFS/FM don't seem to.

    For most of the time I just have to rely on parecetamol and ibuprofen (keep latter down as much as possible since gut is already in bad way)

    In the Financial Times a few days ago CFS was featured, repeating the government's priority for reseach alongside autism and AIDS. So far only 2 applications for funding into CFS have been submitted.

    One doctor stated in this article that the pain we all
    experience needs addressing. Hopefully this is a sign that they are beginning to recognise how painful these DDs can be and so take it more seriously.

    Have you thought of asking for a referral to a pain clinic?


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  5. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    i am sorry you are allergic to codeine.....still i can't take the ibufren.

    i can't think of another suggestion.....except i can't resist saying and please don't bite at me if you don't want to but do.think about changing your doctor.....i have been ill with CFS and FM for 23 years and i can tell you that a good doctor will make a Huge difference for you.

    if its at all possible for you to find out if there is a more sympathetic or helpful doctor you can sign up with it will help you in lots of ways........and pain meds are importent....are you interested in alternative/complementary therapies ? you can get help that way.
    if you can afford it.

    are you new here ? if so hi and welcome , there is alot info here and you might find info if you type in pain meds in the search box.


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  6. loopyloo

    loopyloo New Member

    Welcome to the board i'm from the UK also, I was diagnosed with M.E/CFS last september i take Amatriptyline 100mg per night to help me sleep and Robaxin or Methocarbamol as apain killer both on perscription also i get a yearly perscription card gbp89.00 or you can get 6mts or 3 mts i think this is cheaper than paying so much out every time for medicines as they charge per item
    nice to have you with us Loopyloo xx
  7. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Loopyloo in her post mentioned methocarbomol. This is an antispamodic, used most often for muscle spasms due to back injury. It is a sedating drug and will only really help if spasms are causing the pain.

    I found them fairly helpful; but baclofen, also available on NHS prescription, has been more effective.


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  8. benton

    benton New Member

    Hi again

    Thanks for your advice and for making me feel so welcome. It really helps to know there are others out there sharing the same experiences and willing to pass on their advice and support. You are all great!
    I rang the doctor this morning. The earliest appointment i could get with him is June 2nd. Until then, i will go in search of alternative pain relief. But when i do go to see him, i will try to be a bit more assertive! Not easy for me, i dont like making a fuss. Im a bit of a wimp really. LOL

    Take care all

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  9. goingslowlycrazy

    goingslowlycrazy New Member

    Another Brit here!
    I wonder if you would benefit from trying a TENS machine? My partner uses one for his severe back problems and it does seem to help quite a lot.
    We got ours from Boots and I think it was around £40 but it was on special offer. Might be worth doing a net search.
    It is a small unit (small enough to be carried in a pocket so you can get treatment anywhere at any time) with two thin leads attached. On the end of each lead is a sticky pad and you stick these where the pain is most intense and switch on the unit. It sends an electrical current, which you can vary using the dial...don't be tempted to put it on full to start with - it can be alarming! It runs on AA batteries so is cheap and easy to run (oh heck - I'm starting to sound like an advert now........LOL)
    It is NOT to be used on the head for headaches.
    A lot of women use these in childbirth now so it must be pretty good!
    Just wondered if this would help in view of allergies to medication.
    Mary x
  10. DragonBall

    DragonBall New Member

    i live in rotherham,near sheffield a yorkshire lass!. i agree with pink quartz change your doctor i did!i throw up most painkillers,i have settled on one through trial and error,its tramodol hydrochloride 2 at a time 50mg each capsule. the main side effect is constipation,i dont go now for 3 days,my insomnia is also much worse,but i need them for the pain so what can you do.i hope ive been some help lol deb