Pain relief w/ would you describe it?

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    I realize that this sounds strange but I have been in pain for over 22 years and I am afraid I may not be able to measure how a med is doing for pain relief because I have become so used to the intense pain. I never was pain free when on the vicodin. It took the edge off at first but after some time it was not even doing that.I am now on oxycontin and the doctor is trying to find the right dose for me.At 20 mgs. 2 x a day I did not feel anything. He now has me on 40 mgs.2 x a day. I am now nauseous( I wasn't at 20) and it is helping a little(very little)I start at 60 mgs a.m and then 40 at pm.tomorrow. Now, I am thinking that a pain reliever should do just that....relieve the least most of it. Am I right to think that or do they just take the edge off so you can tolerate it better? I, of coarse, would like to be pain -free...I can not remember what that would be like....wait, when i had a c-section done and they put that needle in my back that was the only time I can remember not feeling pain. I go to sleep,wake up ,and survive each day in pain. Am I expectiing a pain med to do more than it can? oh, how I would like to get up one morning and not have pain be the first thing my body tells me. I have to lie down several times a day just to make it through each day.
    Oh, since I am talking your ears off........once you have the pain under some control could you go back to exercizing? Nothing incredible...just being able to take walks again and so on. so sorry for a long post ..I am just trying to get my expectations at a reasonable place.I so appreciate your taking the time to read my question and I will so appreciate any insites,personal experiences, and so on......Thanks, Kathleen
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    I have had similar thoughts. In addition to my CFS/FM, I have neck and back pain from being rear-ended 3 times within 4 months (I was stationary at a stop light in each instance.)

    One day when my pain was at it's worst a friend took notice and did a very nice for me: He left and came back with two Dilaudins (sp?) for me. I took one and actually felt GOOD, which for me means being free of pain. I went outside and not only felt the desire to do some light yardwork, I managed to finish what I started for a change. I plucked huge weeds, pruned my unruly roses, and watered my herb garden. What a simple pleasure to have the desire to start something I used to always enjoy doing, the ability to do it, and mostly the gratification of finishing what I set out to do in one day!

    I saved the other pill for a night out with the friend who gave it to me.

    Now, I just wish I could muster up the courage to ask my rheumy for a RX for Dilaudin! I've been taking Tylenol #3 (codeine) and have mentioned that I have to take 2 at a time when my pain is at it's worst and received one of those looks of disapproval indicating to me that the time was not right to ask for anything stronger. She has allowed as many refills of the Tylenol #3 as often as I've requested them so far, but they don't take away the pain completely; they just make it tolerable. I'm well aware of the chart notes and the effect they can have on SSDI, medical history, etc. so that's where my fear of requesting a RX for Dilaudin comes in. Maybe I'll reconsider and ask her for it the next time I see her now that I think of good it felt to be pain-free if only for a few hours at a time.

    Good luck to you, and if you haven't already tried meditation or guided imagery, it can help as well. On the other hand, you might try having a couple of martinis with a friend. Hang in there, and GOOD LUCK!
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    My pain meds help reduce my pain, kind of take the edge off. I have been on meds that lost thier effectiveness because I built up resistance. My docsometimes ups a dose or I choose to go off that med.

    I don't know how intense your pain is(everyone is different) and I don't know if you are in PT or have any kind of massage treatment. I also don't know if you have ever tried any mild form of exercise.

    I walk, how far depends on how I feel. I believe in move it or lose it. There are days when sitting or lying down for extended periods causes me worse pain. I try to get some movement in everyday.

    I hope you can find some pain relief. Valley
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    i've been taking vicoden for 3 yrs now.i've gotten to the point where it really doesn't do rhumy has put me on a trial drug called mirapex.when i was on a full does-4.5 mg-i felt great!pain went down,fibro fog went away,balance got better.i started having problems sleeping and had to start cutting back on it.the pain and everything came back.we have been able to find a comination of drugs that work for i'm slowly going back on thr mirapex.i just hope it works as well as last time. the thought of going back and having to stay where i was -well-i just can't think that way.i had been doing 3-4 miles a day onmy treadmill,lifting with 2pound hand weights,yoga,and a few floor yes, you can get to that pooint.just get through the pain and make it go away.good luck
    kathy c
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    As has been said in an earlier thread, we are all different. This makes things all the more difficult for us and we each have to try to find our own answers and our own path through this DD.

    That is not to say that there aren't people here who are willing to help and offer suggestions and support. I have only been here a few days and already I have found the help and reassurance I so desperately needed for so many issues.

    For me I no longer expect to be pain free. If it happens I will offer up thanks to whoever or whatever. I will be greatful for every second of relief from pain. In the mean time my goal is to bring my pain under some kind of control minute by minute on a daily basis.

    The pain killer that works best for me is co-codamol. I take codine phosphate 30mg per tablet and paracetamol 500mg per table, two tablets four times per day (the maximum reccomended dose). In addition, I take ibuprufen when the pain is at its worst. I have tried many other pain killers both perscripton and natural and combinations of pain killers but nothing else work for me, though I am always open to suggestions. I try to do a little exercise whenever I can (this usually means a walk to the shops)as has been said before sometimes doing nothing at all can be worse for the pain.

    The above mumbs and controls the worst of my pain whilst neither fatiguing or drugging me to the point where I can't function. Also, there is no denying that the feeling of wellbeing that the codine component of the tablets provides helps me to feel more positive than I used to.

    On the downside I am aware that the tablets that I take are habit forming. Also that they are harming my liver. I have tried to take the codine without the paracetamol and to take the codine in combination with other pain killers but it doesn't have the same effect. Also I would prefer to be on a 'natural high'.

    I think if I didn't have a daughter who needs me to be able to function at some productive level I would take less painkilling medication. As it is I try to give my system a rest every few months by cutting down over a couple of weeks and eventually cutting the painkillers out for a few days. It is a horrid experience but necessary IMO. I also visit a heptologist on a regual basis.

    I no longer worry about having to rest up several times per day (thankfully my lifestyle allows for this). It has been a long hard journey. I come from a working class family where the 'work ethic' reigns supreme and I know that certain members of my family think of me as lazy. Well I thought it of myself for the longest time. I am one of life's helpers and hate that I have to say no to requests for help with babysitting etc. I hate that there are so many things I would love to do with my daughter that I am unable to do. I hate that I am unable to work. I have always been a very independent person and hate that I have to depend on the welfare state and other people to help me out.

    However, I am trying to come to terms with the life I now live. It is smaller than the life I had before and often more isolated and lonely. BUT, it is my life and very precious. Of course I mourn the life I had when my FMS was at its least debilitating and I hope for those days to return. On the other hand I am thankful that I have the time to appreciate things I was too busy or too much in pain or fatigued to appreciate at other times in my life. The birds in my garden, a good book, a warm bath, just being able to take some of the burden off of my daughter and do some of the housework. I have many things to be thankful for today. Wasn't it Bette Davis who said (in Now Voyager I think):

    'Why wish for the moon when we have the stars.'?

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    I know what you mean about pain.I am 60 years old.I was diagnosed with OA in my upper and lower back when I was 25.I have had pain every day since then.Of course the pain isn't always as bad as other times.But you do learn to live with pain and simply accept it as part of life.I have often wondered how to measure my pain for a Dr.But I've never figured out how to do it. bejo
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    I'm so sorry for all your pain.

    When I first had so much pain, my pain specialist gave me Morphine which was great. I usually only had to take it in the evening, which is good because it made me very sleepy. If I took it at night, I usually had pretty much a pain-free day the next day.

    With the Morphine, I was able to start physical therapy which helped with the pain. It's just stretching and flexing plus a little light weight lifting.

    I really believe the Klonopin has helped with the pain too. Some believe it interrupts the pain signals in the brain. I took it for sensory overload, anxiety, and sleep, but the pain help and help with tinnitus were added benefits.

    Getting good sleep and taking lots of magnesium helps a lot with pain. None of these things cures all the pain, but each little thing helps. I almost never need the Morphine anymore.

    Love, Mikie
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    Life w/o PAIN???????????????????????

    What a dream it would be..............sometimes I have a few small moments that feel pain free when I am lying is heaven;-) The moment I am upright, move, try to function as a 'normal' the pain escalates to unbearable...I was yelled at recently by my doc's receptionist...he was on vac., and I called in my xanax a few days early (took a few to relax and SLEEP) (all I needed was a young woman berating me) as I suffer daily from chronic pain and matter what the med...I HATE them ALL (in the med community)...they are cold and sick of suffering, Blondieangel
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    After having my pain return I was given Ultram for a few months. But, my pain reached a 10 and wouldn't go down, not even for a few hours so my dr. gave me Oxycontin 20mg. twice a day. I was doing ok for a few days and then I would have pain by 3 or 4 in the afternoon and wasn't due to take another dose until 10 at night or so. So, she suggested 40mg in the am and then 20mg at night but I was too nauseated in the morning. I have a finicky stomach that can't handle too much at one time since I also need to take a vitamin in the am.

    So, what I found that has helped is taking 20mg when I get up and then 20mg about 4 hours later. This lasts me for most of the day and then I take the next 20 mg sometime in the early evening when I start to feel the pain coming on again like 6pm or so. Then I don't take anymore throughout the night and take a muscle relaxant like Skelaxin or Flexeril if I have to for sleep.

    My Dr. said that this method is fine since I am not exceeding the total dosage for the day. Maybe this will work for you since it sounds like we have kindred stomachs:)

    All of this gives me pain relief to about a 3-5 depending on how much activity I do for the day. I work part-time and have meetings with church and church friends 3 nights a week. I also lift weights 3 times a week but don't do too much aerobic stuff as my endurance is VERY low. Walking here and there works for me. The weights are easier and even though I am somewhat tired the next day, it boosts my energy level up a lot and tones as well:):):) Double bonus!

    I hope you can find some relief and a plan that works for you. Take care.


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    I take Lortab 10/500 and Soma 350, at least 3 times daily. For a while I was able to manage with twice daily. Now I am taking it 3 times daily every day, sometimes 4, and recently had a 5 Lortab day, although that's the only one.

    When my pain is a 9 or 10, no amount of Lortab helps much. Most days I get *some* pain relief, but it's never lower than a 4, which I can still obviously function with, because I'm still working. Being in pain all the time just wears you out physically and mentally sometimes. I am not depressed, I just keep pushing through, but every few weeks it seems like I have a very low breaking point and I end up crying over something silly, and I know it's because of the pain I stay in.

    I feel fortunate though, in that I *do* get some relief, and I am really leery of going on something stronger. I keep thinking to myself, *what happens if it gets REALLY bad a few years from now.* I guess that's my own way of telling myself it could always get worse.

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    I just briefly checked out partners against pain.....very informative!