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    Hi all,

    I have FM and have alot of pain with it, especially in my hips, thighs, knees, calfs, ankles, feet and toes! Not to mention arms and back!

    I normally have Vicoprofen 7.5mg / 200mg ibuprofen 1-2 tabs for pain however this does help with the FM pain but for a while now I have severe low back pain, sometimes on one side only ( left or right ) with spasms or most recently its been about a 4-6 inch width wide pain all accross my lower back and the vicoprofen, and flexeril have not touched that pain.

    I was getting solu-medrol injection every so ofter for the back pain which would throw me into a flare within 24 hrs, then go away and my back pain would be better for anywhere from 2 days to 4 days but always came back.

    My last injection really didn't help, but did throw me into a major flare and a migraine! I went to my Dr. and told her all of my issues with my back. she came up with giving me a duragesic 25 patch to be worn for 72hrs and changed every 72hrs along with my vicoprofen for my FM and back pain.

    I started it Wed. and yesterday my back was great and today it's great (a little pain of about a 2 this afternoon and I realized I hadn't taken my vico all day) so after I took the vicoprofen my back was much better.

    Does any-one else take the Duragesic patch too? My Dr. said if the dose was too low we could up it if I ever needed to, but so far so good with the 25! Thanks for any in-put on this matter! Gentle hugs to you all! M

    Sorry about the long info, will try to break info up and keep it short and to the point. Thanks for any input! M
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    Sounds like you have an understanding doctor. When I was able to afford it, Fentanyl/Duragesic patches were my pain relief of choice. Unfortunately, I'm at a point where my patches cost about $400/month and I can no longer afford them. I'm glad that 25mcg are helping you, and that your doctor is willing to up your dosage, if necessary. My last dose was 75mcg, but I probably need 100mcg to really feel mostly pain-free. You can see how the cost would zoom up with that dosage every 48 hours. I never had a patch that actually lasted the whole 72 hours.

    Anyway, I'm glad that patch has helped you, especially with having your Vicoprofen for breakthrough pain. It sounds like you finally have your pain under control. It doesn't sound like you need any replies here, just pats on the back for finding a doctor who understands how to relieve your pain. Stick with that doctor! I'm glad that you're feeling so much better!
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    Thanks for your input. I was wondering if this approach for my pain control was common with FM patients. Yes, thank God I seem to have found a good understanding Dr.! Early this morning I woke up with horrible pain in my entire left leg from the thigh to the foot, called my mom and she came in and tried to massage my leg but just touching it made it hurt worse! I couldn't get into the bath b/c of my patch site but elevated my leg (?not sure why I did that but it seemed to help.)


    I took extra pain medicine (as ordered) and waited it out till about 1:00 this afternoon and it finally resolved itself! I thought that this was really wierd? Any thoughts or info on these types of incidents? Thankyou much! I appreciate learning about whats ahead and/or to be expected! M
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    I was on generic Fet. patches for a couple of months, 50 mcg. While it helped me tremendously the first couple of weeks, I built a tolerance verry fast.

    You are very blessed for having such an understanding doctor, I'm happy for you. None of us sould have to suffer.

    One thing that I thought of was that perhaps you could have irritated your sciatic nerve in your lower back? This causes leg pain on one side or the other, and can bounce back and forth between them.

    It's also important to remember not to overdue things while you're on pain medication. We feel better so we try to do more and our body is not feeling pain normally, so it's easy to injure yourself.

    Hope the pain stays away for you.
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    I have used the Fentanyl patch, but am not doing so at this time; oral meds are sufficient.

    This is my understanding: getting into a bathtub with even hot water should not be a problem no matter where your patch is placed. You're supposed to not get into whirlpools, saunas, or use a heating pad near your patch, as the excessive heat causes the medication to be released too quickly.

    I certainly would check this out with my doctor or pharmacist if you have concerns about it. My doctor even told me I could get into the whirlpool at my health club - it's set at about 92 degrees - as long as I didn't submerse the patch (I usually put them on my upper arm) and didn't spend too long a period of time. That little bit of time helped my lower body pain a lot.

    Again, check with your doc or pharmacist.
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    My Dr wanted me to try these on me last winter during a flare but I was afraid of some of the severe side effects ..... like death!! I see on our local tv station about the Fentenal /durigesic being recalled due to patches releases to much medication and overdosing and killing them.... very scarey stuff to me! I'll just stick to my old morphine pills ext release and liquid morphine for breakthrough three times a takes care of most the pain except my back pain it up midback on right side always in the same place. nothing helps with that pain and it only hurts if I stand to long over an hour either at the kitchen sink or at the counter preparing dinner ... but it is a nausating pain.Had a xray done recently and the dr said I had bone spurs and degenerative spine.But that the pain I have that the morphine wont touch. Good luck to you tho hope you do well and are safe on the patch. Blessings to all
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    i have been using the fentanyl/duragesic patches for approx. 4 years now. i started w/ 25 mcg every 72 hrs. i can't really tell u how long that dose worked for me, but i eventually had to move up to 50's and then 75's and then 100's. i know that i was on the 100's for probably about a year and then i was starting to really hurt severely after about 2 days, so i asked my dr. about going higher......
    (i also am very blessed to have a dr. who is extremely understanding and more than willing to work with me- he basically will give me anything that i ask to try- he knows that i am a recovering addict for over 22yrs. and he TRUSTS MY JUDGEMENT calls--but i've also been seeing him for almost 20 yrs, too, so that helps-- he knew me very well long b4 i became ill w/ these DD) anyway, sorry, back to the patch--
    this time though, he suggested that instead of going higher, that i just change them every 48 hrs. instead of 72, and i have been doing that for probably about 4 months or so now, and so far, so good:)
    also, about the using heat w/ them..... i soak in the tub all the time w/ mine, and i have never experienced any problems with that, except that a couple of times they did come off, so now i only soak in the tub on the days that i am due to change them. i also lay out in the sun every day that i am able to, and i have never experienced a problem w/ that, either. i have found the best place for me to use mine is on my upper breasts, and that is covered when i am laying out. i have no idea if b/coz that area is covered is why i don't have a problem or not. i know that the packaging CLEARLY states NOT to do those things, but i have done them for years and have not had a problem. i would NOT RECOMMEND that for anyone else, i am just stating the facts for me only...
    prior to using the patch, i tried every single pill that there is to use, EXCEPT oxycontin. that is b/coz, as i said, i am a recovering addict and i was terrified of the possibility of becoming addicted to them and eventually abusing them. i have heard sooo many horror stories about ppl abusing them. none of the pills that i tried ever worked. so at that point, my only 2 choices were either the patch or oxycontins and i chose the patch.
    i also use vicodin 750's as needed up to 4xday for break out pain. those w/ the patch are working very well for me.
    sometimes when i get "localized" severe break out pain, and the vicodins don't cut it, then i will also use biofreeze. that is a natural extracts and essential oils topical spray. it smells very bad, so it's not good to use if you're going out, but when i am in that much pain, going out is the last thing on my mind, anyway. i put a beach towel on top of my sheets, so they don't get all smelly from it and my husband sprays it where i need it and rubs it in, and that also helps a lot.

    hope that this helps you some:)

    i know how wonderful that it is to have a dr that works w/ you and understands, and we are EXTREMELY BLESSED to have that!! i have heard such horror stories from ppl who do not have that, and i think that i would go crazy if i had to fight a dr, too, on top of everything else that we have to fight.

    peace, light, joy, laughter, and many blessings,
    teri rainspirit
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    Thanks to all who answered! I got a lot of useful info on the patches and I really appreciate that! So far the patches have worked great for me-I did have a little incident the other night with my b/p dropping and my pulse was in the low 50's....I couldn't figure out what the problem was and then realized I had put my patch on my left hip/upper buttocks area and went to bed and turned on my electric mattress pad and think maybe I got a little too much of the medicine at one time. I now put my patches on my upper chest/breast area and don't have that problem! Again thanks to all who replyed and I hope everyone the best! M