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  1. jaminhealth

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    I check in on a joint replacement board daily, and talking with a women who is going thru H**L with a hip replacement where a bone broke during surgery....they were to do a double hip replacement, but after bone broke, they did what they could and had to close her up...

    She cannot walk, way worse than when she went in...So a member started talking about the fact that she's married to an MD and she does need to get a hip replacement but
    Pain RX is saving her from the surgery....

    You can look up the product and see the ingredients and all it's facts and figures.....I may get it and maybe will get me off some Advil.....

    Thinking about this more, and the broken bone during surgery, this lady sounds like her bones were brittle and could be from low magnesium and perhaps steroids, which break down the bones....very tragic and that's why prevention is so necessary..... [This Message was Edited on 10/28/2012]
  2. sunflowergirl

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    I'm going to do a search on each ingredient for any side effects. Let me know if you try it.
  3. jaminhealth

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    and shopped for best prices. These are sold more than 1 or 2 places....the herbs are ones I never heard of, but I'm willing to try them and hope they will help get off some advil... I have used white willow bark for years and use it as a fill in sometimes with the advil....

    Read a lot of customer reviews at places where Pain Rx is sold and was I'll see....jam
  4. sunflowergirl

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    I'm assuming you bought the one with more exotic sounding ingredients?
  5. jaminhealth

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    I didn't see the other product...I take higher doses of MSM powder and boswellia w/turmeric in it yes, the one with the herbs I've never used...hoping...jam
  6. Saoirse3

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    so if it doesn't work, I'm not out hundreds of dollars, and the ingredients sound safe enough. I have liver damage and am not supposed to use anything with Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc. I'm going to order some of this! I already know about boswellia and I am taking a ginger/turmeric supplement. And my amazing grape seed!
  7. jaminhealth

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    that has the brazilian herbs and willow bark and NOT the one with MSM, turmeric, etc...the bottle was like $10 and I ordered 2 to start...can't mention the name of the company we buy from....

    Not expecting miracles, but a little relief appreciated....less otc pain meds, yes....I hope....
  8. sunflowergirl

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    Is it helping you any? As opposed to ibuprofen?
  9. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    just arrived today, and I've taken the first 2 tabs at 7PM, so too soon to tell. I'd be happy reducing the ibuprofen...I shall see. I'll keep you advised...

    It's interesting, the label on the bottle reads: Works the Very First Time.....ummmmmm...

    Everyone's pain issues are so individual. If only I didn't have this spinal stenosis to deal with...but it's a tad improved with the acupuncture sessions, had my 10th this week.
  10. jaminhealth

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    promising, this morning at 7:30AM, I took 2 more and 1 Advil and 1/2 hydrocodon (this since hip surgery) and by 8:30AM laying in bed felt pretty much less pain so I could get up...then as always take my higher dose of MSM powder in water stuff....

    So, right now, it could be a keeper to help take less ibuprofen, that is my goal....

    Hope this is not premature thinking, but I know my body and what it's been like....

    So, learning to work with it and less advil makes it worth it, the price is not going to break me.... jam
  11. Granniluvsu

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    Where do you buy the Pain RX? Is there anywhere off line you can get it? I have seen it on line.

    I'm anxious to try any thing natural that might work.

  12. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    found anywhere but online. I checked a few sites and chose to buy from the most affordable price for me and ordered 2 bottles so it cost me $27.30 to try this Pain Rx....

    For me, if it helps get off some iburprofen, it's worth every penny.

    Everyone deals with different pain issues and I'm sure Mine are Diff from yours, but pain is pain. Thresholds are different for everyone....

    And, we are NOT permitted to post where we buy our, one must either try it for their pain issues or not...I'm always looking for RELIEF.....without Drugs....jam

    Granni, you amaze me with all you do, a regular energizer issues with lower back, etc keep me from doing so our pain issues have got to be a lot different.[This Message was Edited on 11/05/2012]