Pain specialist trying deep friction massage/art trig. inject

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TLO70, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. TLO70

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    I have been seeing a multidisciplinary pain specialist. My goal is to try and stop taking strong pain meds, so I can pursue a nursing degree. He is using a technique called deep friction massage and active release techniques. He said that the more pressure exerted in friction massage, the higher the increase in fibroblastic proliferation. This in turn produces new collagen and enzymes that are necessary for healing of the tissue. He also injected lidocaine and steroids into some major knots around my neck and shoulders. He told me that I should have significant relief in six to eight visits. Has anyone else had any response to this kind of treatment. I'm trying to get to the root of the problem and not use narcotics to mask the symptoms. I hope this approach works, so I can feel proactive in my healthcare, instead of seeing him for my monthly prescription. One physcian told me I was basically going to see a "drug dealer" every month. That statement was very unprofessional and I couldn't beleive that he would speak that way about a fellow colleague. This procedure is one more miracle that I am chasing, I hope it produces. I feel like I should be singing 99 different medical views on the wall. Try one on and move along oh,,,, 98 different medical views on the wall.
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    I tried to use the deep tissue massage and just couldn't stand the pain.

    I have muscle adhesions through out my body. They started the massage on my calves and intended to work their way up. I couldn't take it. She kept telling me breath and not tense up, but it felt like she was running knives up and down my lets.

    I was sure she had nails two inches long and I would have furrows in my legs! I watched and she had nails that didn't pass the end of her fingers and was using the balls of her fingers and the knuckles. Even watching it still felt like knives.

    Hope it works for you. Haven't tried any injections.

  3. TLO70

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    When the physician did do the procedure, I thought it was painful. I am used to getting deep tissue massages and manipulation. Through yoga, I used the breathing exercises to get me through the pens and needles. Although at the very end of the session, when I was on a neck massage machine, I started to involuntarily tear up. I told him I just can't do anymore today. He said it should get better. It kind of sounds like people have tried similiar things with no results. Did everyone follow through with the entire session and techniques?
  4. laura81655

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    I love that, can I use and sing that one? Story of my life....
    If you have Fibro, most people cannot tolerate deep work, flares us.
    The "drug dealer" statement was really unprofessional, what is wrong with these doctors???
    I hope the trigger point therapy helps you. I have thought about them, but my pain moves around so much, don't know where to inject?
    Oh, just keep your song goes....
  5. TLO70

    TLO70 New Member

    My 6 year old came home from school singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall. I about died, I told him don't sing that song anymore. But it was a crack up, I just didn't tell him. hahaha

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