Pain , stress, and fibro

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Feb 24, 2010.

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    I have reached the end of my rope so to speak, this last year was horriable for me and my family. My hubby was unemplyed for 10 months, we are trying to do a short sell on our house to avoid forclosure, every thing has been apporved but the buyer can't find his financer. So we have been recieveing notices that we have to pay X number of dollars with in 30 days or steps will be taken. Da like I don't know that.

    Then my tooth a lower molar abcessed and it only made my fibro pain worse, I could not find a dentist that would take me with out paying up front . I cna't do that, do to all the money problems my hubby can'tr assist me in in paying my medical /dental bills. So I am paying them a little bit at a time. I get less than $400.00 a month to pay for scipts vision care { glassses broke had to get new ones ins has not been filed right not my fault but the dcotor wants to be paid asap} MY scripts are any where from $50-100 a month depending on how sick I get and what meds I need.
    I finally found a dentist that would help even said that I would only have to pay 1/2 oof the fee. Some thing about a sliding fee scale. When you combine my hubby's and my income I was told that I would only have to pay 1/2.

    But today I got the bill along wiht a note saying sorry you make too much money and the fee is out ragious. I had to pay a upfront co-pay of $50.00 to see this dentist and he did x--rays and the tooth was so badly infected that it had to come out asap. So in my paniced state I let him pull it , he too resurred me that I would not have to sell my first born grandchild to pay for this. {Soon to be 5 yrs old don't sell well Kidding}
    I have no idea what I how I am going to pay for this fee so I am stressing and panicing . I have not had a panic attack like this in a long time. I am so worried and upset that I am crying. I can't sleep, but I Could n't be for this happened.

    My H and I are in the catagory where we make too much to receive any help but don't make enough to pay the bills. H found a job but will not have ins for 90 days. IT was a huge pay cut from last job but hey its a job. He has type 1 diebetes and is on a pump and has to pay for the pump costs him self he is on temp. insurance right now. HE will have a $1500.00 deductable to apy before the new insurance will pay for meds and doctor 's visits. So we are between a rock and a hard place. I tried to explain this to the dentist staff that I was the one paying for the bill so please just cont what I get from SSDI but they don't do it that way. They count both incomes and we make too much for help . And I still only get $311.10 monthly to pay all my medical and dental , scripts ect. So I am up a creek swimming up stream.

    Like I said all this stress has made my pain levels shoot up and most days I can't walk, I dont' get out of bed till afternoon because I didn't sleep till 5 am. I am not handling this well at alll I don't even handle good news well. I am going to be a grandma twice this year, one daughter just found out on the 5th of Feb. and the other is having another boy in early June. So I will have 5 grandkids by the end of the year. maybe one more if my youngest does not get rid of being baby hungry. I am taking care of my Mom still , she is 82 now, and is doing ok for the shape she is in . My sister finally is helping a bit but I still take Mom to the doctor, ER , and every where she wants to go.

    Now she tells me that she has found a clinic for her dizziness in Odgen an hours drive thru a canyon. She has an appointment Tue. next week, if they can help her she will have to go there two times a week, and that is going to cost a fortune in gas for my old car. I don't own a cell phone so if some thing goes wrong, we are up a creek with out a paddle. Help I am losing it. What how to I learn to deal with all this stuff? I try to do what the Serinity Prayer says , don't worry about things you can't do any thing about, ect. But it is not easy to do. I am still having some pain in my jaw from the extraction that was almost 2weeks ago.

    Sorry about the novel and the lack of spelling. Thanks for letting me vent to some one who knows and understands how it feels to be living with fibro and arthritis , DDD, Spinal stenosis, and more. I am falling apart.
    HUGS to all,
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    Ambesol works for only one night, then I guess the body adapts to it.

    Are you eating enuf tryptophan? Our western diet is low in tryptophan. Good natural sources are turkey, cashews, dairy and bananas. Honey roasted cashews are a favorite of mine. I sleep better and feel happier.

    For dizziness, my blood pressure was low due to weak adrenals. I would get dizzy on standing. The ER docs are lost. What a waste of money and time. Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) are very healing to the adrenals. The adrenals put out an anti-diuretic hormone which keep us from peeing out all our body salts. So I salt my food to acheive 120/80. I also take Rx fludrocortisone for dizziness on standing...but actually I don't need it anymore. My adrenals are healing.

    No coffee. Caffiene is hard on the adrenals. Drink 10% less each day to avoid withdrawal.

    Best wishes. God will see you through all this, just put your trust in Him and our Saviour Jesus.
    Ask God for Wisdom each day.
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    Hi, Rosemarie. I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a terrible time. Wow, you have really been through a lot this past year.

    I have thought about you a lot and have really missed reading your posts. I am glad you are back. I just hate to hear what all you are dealing with.

    There are so many people losing jobs and their ins. I am thankful that I got to keep my ins.when my hubby retired.
    I will get to keep it until I am 65. I have to pay high for it.
    291.00 a month, but it is better than not having it.

    I started getting my s.s. last july and it has been a God send. My hubby had been trying to pay my ins. and medicine besides paying for his own and the rest of the bills.

    I am glad your hubby has found a job. Like you said it is not as good as the one he had but it is better than nothing.

    I am glad your mom is still doing good. I know she had been sick a lot. At least you have one bright spot...the new grandbabies. You are going to have a bunch about the same size. I am expecting a new great grand daughter in June.

    This will make me 3 g.g. daughters. No boys yet.
    Well Hon, it has been great to finally hear from you.I just hate the circumstances, but hang in there. My mom always told me that "The Good Lord will never put more on you than you can bear". I try to remember this when I get down hearted.

    Please keep posting when you feel up to it. I love hearing from you. May God Bless you.


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    glad to see you back but not all your problems. the only thing i would worry about s your house the banks are working with people to lower payments have you look into that. id hate to see you lose your house.

    how long have you lived there could kids chip in every month i wouldnt worry about other bills what can they do to you. what about bankruptsy they dont take house my daughter had to do that very stressful.i know but better than losng house.

    i think they have emergency cell phones you need one. i care for my 91yo mother too but have lots of help thank goodness.

    i hope you can work things out love gail
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    I've been gone from the board for a couple years and when I came back, I have only seen a few familiar names .... and yours is one of them!

    I'm so glad that you are still here, but hate to hear that you are having such a rough time.

    Hope things look up for you and your family soon!

  6. rosemarie

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    Thanks for much for the listen, I really needed to just talk to some one about how all this is affecting me. We have lived in the house for 20 yrs and have worked out a short sell just waiting for the buyers backer to get back in the USA. Then it can proceed and we will not owe another cent on the house. Still it is sad that we don't live there any more, so many memories are there, watching my first grandson walk, talk crawl, visit. But we are working on a new life with less expence's.
    I am so exchited about the grandbabies and am looking forward to meeting the babies. Thank you for letting me vent and complain. I will try to keep posting here more often.
    ONce again thanks for your thoughts adn concern.
    Love ya

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