PAIN! Then I Saw my husband rolls his eyes...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. When I mentioned how bad my pain level was. Now granted I never moan and complain. Now I am thinking I hid my pain until it was too much. It really hurt me when I saw he rolled his eyes. I know he has arthritis pain, but this fibro nerve pain is beyond bearable. I have a high tolerance for pain, but when it gets bad OMG!

    I hobbled to the grocery store, then he wanted to go to another garden center, I told him I would llove to BUT no way can I do it. I hate fibro for what it has done to my life. Sorry to complain but I know u all can understand. thanks for listening.. FB
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    Hi Iam so sorry for your feelings being hurt.

    I think sometimes we have done a disservice to our selves by hiding our pain and symptoms. When it gets to wear we can't anymore then the eyethe rolling starts.

    Do you use the electric cart when you shop? I can't go unless I do. One thing I like about Lowes is they have them! Even found a furniture store that has one.

    could you get a push wheelchair so hubby could push you around places that dont have one?

    hope your day gets better,the pain of this dd sucks
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    I know how you feel,I've occasionally gotten the eye rolling too.
    I tell my SO if he wants to go into another store when he knows I'm not feeling well enough-go ahead I'll wait in the car.
    When he rolls his eyes, I ask if he would like me to straighten them out for him!! He knows that i know where he sleeps!

    We all know where you are coming from what this DD has done to our lives. So you can complain anytime. We are all right ther for you and with you!

    Hugs, Robin
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    I also know exatly how you feel. I do think sometime people get tired of me saying I hurt. I try to hold it in and do not complain about it very often..but when it hurts so bad it is hard to tolerate, I do say something. I have found I try to do one major thing per day. It is terrible to have to limit myself but I have found it better to do this than to overdo things as to where I cannot do anything the next day for anyone..I think people do not understand this thing unless they have walked in our shoes. I do not mean to sound stern but that is the conclusion that I have come to lately. God bless and take care...I hope the pain begans to decline for you.:0)
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    Fibrobutterfly - keep venting here - I think it is really the only place most of us have to....everyone else we know is sick of hearing it.
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    She had it long before I married her so I knew what I was in for. That doesn't mean it doesn't get frustrating.

    While I know our dealing with our spouses disease is no where near the pain and suffering of having the disease, it does take a toll on us. I'm not saying "poor us", but we do take on a burden in this as well.

    I recently went to a therapist because I felt like I was a bad person for being frustrated and feeling like sometimes I'm the only one contributing to our partnership when things get bad. I had to learn to get frustrated with the situation and not take it out on my wife. I also had to learn that it was OK to get pissed off, but that I need to remember to do it in a healthy way.

    Maybe your husband could use some therapy to help deal with this obvious stress.

    Best of luck.
  7. I gave my husband the article "my name if fibromyalgia" and he said I think they are wrong when they say only people understand that have fibro. I understand. We got in a argument then and said NO unless you deal with this day after day you no way can understand. He still said he did. NO WAY! I see his looks when rarely I mention its not a good day or whatever.

    I mean he has a COLD and is spending the day in bed! I have painful fibro and never, well maybe once or twice stay in bed. Grrrr...
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    line if the rest of nonbelievers? I think sometimes they try, some of the husbands, from what i have read, only some,,,but i know that although my husband does so much for me, and he says that he know how much pain im in,i feel that like most hubbys, they really can not understand fully because they do not feel what we do and a cold is the easy illness in comparison, but you'd think they were on their last days. I do not hide what i feel too much, holding in pain, only makes it worse and if the ones we are with don't understand anyway, then why hold it in for their comfort? they dont get to feel better on our account, but anyways.......we all of have eachother, and i feel happy to have new painpals as my newly understanding and helpful friends....who hear me...happy evening....=]
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