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    As it has been said too cold or too hot and not enough sleep.

    Want to comment on not enough sleep. Normal people can set an alarm and get up a few hrs. earlier than usual for an appt. I make my appts. late, around 11 am because I don't get up until 9 or 9:30. If I had to get up at 6am when I usually get up at 9, I'd definitely have pain that day and severe fatigue.

    It's easier in the summer to get up earlier but in the winter it's a real struggle.

    Exercise - just a little more than usual can trigger a major flare. We have to build up slowly.

    Severe stress can also trigger me.

    salt - can make me retain water and can cause inflammation.

    I definately have more trouble in the winter with the cold, however, in the summer the heat makes me swell.

    Doing anything over and over again, or sitting for a long time can cause a flare.

    We have to condition ourselves S-L-O-W-L-Y and cut ours jobs into small doable parts.

    Gentle hugs, Peace
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    I struggle with the same things...only I dont schedule any appointments until the afternoon:)

    The heat is such a struggle for me though...any extreme weather really.

    I need to do more exercise than I do...taking short walks or something but I have been so out of it lately.

    I am dealing with a lot of stress and that is always a trigger for me, oh, and also a cold!

    Take care,

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    The key really is recognizing what triggers our pain. Sometimes I have NO idea. I do nothing differently and all of a sudden BAM, it's a really bad day.

    It's funny, we recently went on vacation. It was 110 degrees much of the time. It was a VERY relaxing vacation. Lots of time spent at the pool reading, walking in the lazy river. We walked a lot in the evenings, even stayed up late. I did sleep in longer than I usually do though. I was nervous about going as I didn't want to ruin the trip for the rest of the family with my potential inability to do things.
    I could not believe how great I felt! I figured it out. No STRESS. ZERO. I didn't think about one thing the entire time.

    We got home early on a Thurs morning and thankfully didn't have to be back to work until Monday morning. I literally was OUT until Monday. I couldn't move - crashed big time.
    Reality slapped me in the face. That whole next week was hell for me. Such a shame because it made me feel like my vacation almost wasn't worth what I went through upon return.

    I know for sure (always did know but now positive) that Stress is a huge trigger for me. HUGE. It doesn't help that I have a 'worrier' type personality - I get easily stressed out, so I'm working on that, on putting things in perspective.

    I am very connected to people as well - my Mom in particular. When she is not doing well, I can feel it in my body. Weird, but true. I'm sure it's because again, emotionally I'm upset by it (stressed), so that's my trigger.

    Funny that stress plays such a big part in this - yet Fibro itself is such a Stressor with all of the things we have to deal with! Just doesn't seem right, does it?!

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    For me definitely not enough sleep , having to be in a hurry and any repetitive motion, and the weather and stress all play a part in my pain triggers.

    And sometimes I just wake up to a bad day with lots of pain and there is no reason that I can see for it.

    I'm also a worrier type personality.......I try to write things down at night so I can just go to sleep but I still think of other things to worry about.

    I'm working on making my life less stressful but I do have a family and it's hard to take all the stress out of life. My kids are 11/15 so I'm working on having them help more around the house this summer.

    I love to sew ~ and I can only do it a little at a time on a good day. This dd ~ I just wish it would go away.
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