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  1. JoFMS

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    Can anyone help me? I have had a horrible pain under my ribs for a few weeks now much worse on my right side in line with my bottom rib. I try to maintain a good posture when sitting jut in case it was that.

    Any tips / advice on how I can ease it?

    I've had this before but it's never stayed permanent, usually gone after a day.

  2. star273

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    I have had that pain for a few years. I have never gotten it checked out, actually, I did tell my Dr. and she felt around there and said its probably a muscle, but as a matter of fact I have a Dr.s appt this morning. I have never thought much about it other then it was just another fibro pain. it hurts the same way, like a muscle that gets tight and it burns sometimes and itchs. So I am assuming its just the fibro. My back also hurts on the same spot too. Sometimes I just wonder if it radiates. All of our muscles are conneceted and you know how they get all tight so I am sure thats all it is. I try and have good posture too but I sit at a desk for half the day and I am sure that doesnt help. I know I tried yoga and streching and that seemed to help. Is it on the same side that you hurt all the time? Mine is.... Some may say its your gallbladder. have you had any trouble with that or with stomach problems? I have IBS so who knows....
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  3. marti_zavala

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    could be a strained muscle but that would not go away after a day, it takes a few days to clear a strained muscle.

    It could be a fibro pain which could go away quickly.

    Could be an inflammed liver. That wouldn't go away in a day

    Could be gall bladder or a gall stone. This could go away in a day (if you change your posture, sleeping at night may make the stone move positions, then the longer you are upright, gravity pulls it to the duct.

    If you have a muscle relaxer, then next it time it hurts, see if that makes the pain go away.

    If not, I would suggest researching liver/gall bladder.

  4. Juloo

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    Also, another idea might be shingles.

    Sounds wrong, I know, but I had a similar situation on my left side under my bottom rib. It lasted a while, and my doctor even sent me in for a CT scan (negative for anything). A week or so after the CT, I started getting the blisters that come up during shingles. Those lasted a few weeks, then the pain and blisters went away.

    I've had shingles at least 4 times now, so I can never tell.
  5. PVLady

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    I really would see a doctor. It could be anything from gallstones, gas, liver problems, tumors, ....

    If I had pain that lasted for 3 weeks I would definitely see a doctor.
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    It turned out to be my gallbladder . About 4 months after the pain started , it got bad enough to feel like a heart attack and my nurse friend took me to the emergency room They kept me in the hospital because my gall bladder was infected by then .

    I had the gallbladder out about 7 days later , after having been on no food or water and only IV antibiotics for 7 days I lost 17 lb. , but I don't recommend this method of weight loss !

  7. JoFMS

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    Thanks for all your replies,

    Today it's still there but less. I also have pain in my kidney area today. If I go to the doc, they always tell me it's fibro and there's nothing wrong with me so I have ran out of doctors to see sadly.

    THe pain seems to be all around my midline, also have breast pain and around my lymph nodes and the bottom rib on my left side seems to 'pop out' sometimes if I move from side to side.

    I guess I may never know what it really is but I found a heating pad and just lying down for most of the day yesterday helped a little.

    I'm sure it will disappear like some of my other fibro symptoms from time to time.

    I am taking milk thistle for my liver so that should be supported too right now.

  8. hopeful4

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    I have had both liver and gall bladder problems at different times. It could be either one of those. Since you have had it for several weeks, on and off it sounds like, it may be worth your while to have some kind of a scan done to diagnose it.

    Years ago I had hepatitis A (viral). I don't know if milk thistle would have been enough at the time to cure me. I ended up hospitalized for 2 weeks, and a year to recover (long before CFS/FM/Lyme).

    The gall bladder problem came and went over a period of years. Finally, I had a very serious and extremely painful attack. A scan showed a low ejection fraction, and I required surgery to remove the gall bladder. No pain in that area since.

    I'm just trying to say that self-diagnosis may not be in your best interest.

    Best of luck to you.
  9. marti_zavala

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    I was going to mention shingles but I describe it as less pain, more raw nerves, itchy, like bug bites. but mine are mild.

    Second, most doctors feel weary with us as patients but Dr. Baraniuk said to me -"Don't discount any possible pain/discomfort. Not everything is Fibro or CFS. You can have a broken leg, {smile}".

    It sounds more like gall bladder since you mention that it went away by laying down and heat. The heat would open and relax the ducts so if it was a stone, it would be easier to it to move back up or further down.

    The laying down would also change the gravity pull on the stone so that the stone isn't laying in a small duct.

    Just guessing. Try to find a doctor who can help you. Not an easy task.

  10. star273

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    I went to the Dr. for the pain in my side. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday for my gallbladder. I had 7 x-rays yesterday.. will see what that says??? I had blood work just done a few weeks ago to check my kidneys and liver but that all looked good. I guess we will see what the tests say. I hope you have found some relief. Have you tried to rub any pain reliever on it? Sometimes when something hurts and I rub that on it,and it helps then I know it is a muscle. Just a suggestion. I know how hard and expensive it is to run to the Dr. everytime you have something...
    Good Luck
  11. andreake

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    I have had pain in my right back area, by lower ribs. I had it for four months before I went to the Dr.

    The CT scan came up clean...liver, kidney, gall badder, lung, adrenal gland....Think that covers it...

    Mystery pain.

    I am assuming I have some kind of inflamation in that area as it still hurts.

  12. star273

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    That is what I am wondering? If it is inflamation somewhere. I get so tired of the mystery pains. I guess its just the FM. Who knows. Gets irritating though and sometimes scary.