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  1. NewEnglander

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    Hi there
    recently I have had a change in my condition.
    something is wrong with my neck, it shows on the MRI
    I will be going to the spine clinic near the end of december.
    the problem now is I am dealing with pain that is too severe.
    I almost blacked out, didn't know where I was at one point.
    unable to sleep due to pain.
    pain cause vomitted becuase it is so severe.
    this has been going on for over two weeks.

    at one point I had to call an ambulance to get the the hospital because the pain was so bad. they gave me a taradol shot and sent me to the waiting room to wait for my ride.

    it was horrible to have to sit there in that kind of pain.

    I have talked to my doctor many times. she fianlly added 20 miligrams of kadian along with the same meds i have been on.

    I am now house bound and have lost the use of my left arm bcause of pain. my hand is numb.

    is there anything I can do or anyone I can contact for this kind of treatment or lack of it

    God Bless
  2. kirschbaum26

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    Dear Lisa:

    I would call the spine clinic immediately and tell them of your symptoms...most importantly the numbness in your hand and the loss of use. If they cannot see you immediately (like today) I would find another ortho or neuro doctor and go to them right away.

    This is not something to fool around with, as the longer you wait, the more potential PERMANENT damage you can do. Even a pinched nerve is nothing to ignore.

    Go and call right away.

    Good luck.

  3. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    I did contact my doctor and the clinic
    it did no good
    i have been though ao much again with doctors.
    i have repeated told them the loss of feeling in hand, mostly thumb and fore finger.
    the skin is becoming hard.

    i even told the doctor about the blacking out and he said it was just a normal reaction to the body when in pain. they hate me at the office now but too bad. just fighting for my rights

    they made another appointment for another pain clinic in 2 weeks,I told them that was not acceptable.

    so the nurse was going to get the doctors permission for me to get into another place sooner.

    Permission, like I need to have permission for humane treatment.
    i'm making phone calls today.God bless
  4. TKE

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    Sorry you're in so much pain...been thru it many times with my back & now my neck too.

    Sounds like you have a herniated disc/nerve compression in your neck. If the nerves are compressed too long it can lead to permanent damage.

    If it were me I'd ask your doc to refer you to a "Neurosurgeon". If you don't need a referal then look in the yellow pages for one & tell them everything. If they can't see you right away ask them what you can/should do in the mean time.

    If you have a heating pad put it on your neck. Heat will help to relax the muscles.

    If you have an anti-inflammatory take it. I use Advil cause my stomach can't handle anything stronger.

    Use a rolled up towel to lay under your neck to support it when you lay down. Rest & only do the bare bone basics until you get seen by a Neurologist & get treatment.

    Eat small meals to you don't over stress your stomach & if necessary take Prilosec (I take 2 times a day)or one of the other stomach meds to keep it calmed down.

    The whole point is your body is in major stress right now with the neck problem. So it can & will throw your whole system out of whack big time.

    I've been dealing with herniation in my lower back for at least 2 years. Have had a good 22 years of back problems that come & go. My Neck herniated a few months ago & I'm headed to the Neurosergon next week. Family Doc tells me he's pretty sure I'm headed for surgery this time. I was r'xd a muscle relaxer & Hydrocodone to deal with the major pain.

    Hang in there :).
  5. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    i appreaciate all your information
    God bless to you