Pain with MRI?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by flame, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. flame

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    Went for a brain scan today; tolerated closed-in feeling, but the pain was unbearable! I've never been able to lie on my back; my back, shoulders, arms, felt like they were being broken and the skin burned all over my back, from the fibro. I tolerated the first round and then asked to come out: he had told me he would stop the procedure whenver I felt I needed to. I thought I would move around a bit and go the next round when he said "we're not going to do this today. I can't keep pulling you out or I would run overtime. Get some pain medication from your Doc and then make a new appointment" Has anyone else had this problem? Pain pills make me nauseous, and my doc doesn't believe in it anyway. Any suggestions for how to get through this procedure; it took months to get this apppointment.
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    When I was in nursing, alot of people were given a sedative before an MRI. They are hard to stay still during especially if you are in pain. I would definately ask my doc if I were you.
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    I didn't have a problem with pain during any of my MRIs, but I think I can identify with what you were experiencing, because I sure felt the pain when I had a series of TMJ x-rays done. These were medical x-rays, not dental ones. I had to lie absolutely still for what seemed like forever (though it probably wasn't more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time) in *extremely* uncomfortable and/or painful positions on a cold, metal examining table.

    If you still need to go back to complete your MRI scans, I wonder whether whether they could provide you with some kind of pillow or blanket to cushion your position. They had to give me a pillow to put under my bent legs so that I could redirect my myoclonic jerks away from my head. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to remain still long enough to do the scan.

    --Laura R.M.
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    I take a Vicodin before the test, and it helps.
    If I have a Sedative, it makes me swallow to much, I get flimy from them and dry mouth. The Vicodin helps with the body pain, I have CMP, with the Fibro, and boy does my body ache the next day.

    I don't mind the MRI's, I wish all test' could be that easy, I have 2 a year done, so I guess I've gotten a routine down for going through these. I like to have a cloth to put over my face/eyes, that way I can't cheat and look, lol.

    Hope your next test goes well, I also use that time for Prayer time, sure takes my mind away from what's going on around me. I have even gone to sleep, I use my own ear plugs, they work better than the squishie kinds they give you. Mine blocks out more noise, but you can still hear, just not so Loud.

  5. flame

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    I got an Email from my doctor today saying she would give me valium, that an open MRI wouldn't help because I would still have to lie on my back, and to take a pain pill (Motrin) as she doesn't believe in anything stronger. I thank you for all your help and advice - I wish my doctor would listen as well as you. It is time to change docs, but with my med insurance I have to have a PCP who is the only one who can make a referral to a specialist, and then only temp. My PCP has to provide and be in charge of my total care. (She doesn't believe in disability either). Thank you for your caring responses; we are the ones who know what we have to go through. Bless you all.
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    with an MRI because when I lay completely flat it feels like my arms are being torn out of the sockets. I take pain medication before going in. Also, just in case the enclosed space bothers you, I have them put a folded up wash cloth over my eyes, that way if I'm tempted to peak I don't get claustrophobic. I agree that you definitely need a new doctor. I'm wondering, is there perhaps a large medical center close to you? I go to a Fibromyalgia clinic that is at the Oregon Health Sciences University. They have a wonderful rheumatology department with a Fibromyalgia clinic. They are very up to date on treatment for Fibro, including the use of pain medications for pain control.