Pain with Physical Therapy

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    Its been a long time since I have posted on the board. I usually just read them. I have had FM for quite some time now and recently found out that I have cervical arthritis.

    My Doc has sent me to PT and was working quite well for the first week, however, the pain and stiffness is back with a vengeance. Does anyone know, is it the muscles that are reacting negatively to the PT? There seems to be a difference in the pain, where as before it was more deep bone pain, and now seems to be burning muscle pain with some stiffness.

    Not quite sure if I should continue with it. I have 2 more weeks scheduled then I am through. Would appreciate anyones thoughts and if anyone has gone throught the PT.

    Thank You
  2. claudiaw

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    I have had to change P.T. that were just too aggressive.

    I have to be treated very lightly otherwise i spasm and can flare for months from too harsh of therapy.

    maybe they need to do less, or lighten up. Hope that it help's.

    Some people just can't tolerate it at all. that's me most of the time.

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    Have you brought this to the attention of your Physical Therapist? He/She needs to be aware of the level of pain that you are experiencing. They might be able to adjust the type of therapy or decide that you discontinue.

    Pain is not normal.

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    I did let the Physical Therapist know and he did lighten up on the amount of work that we did, however, he decided that he was going to give me a massage afterwards to try to loosen up the muscles but the pain was so bad he had to stop.

    Thank you for responding,

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    HI JO,

    I think I would mention it to the doctor that sent me to therapy, it could be a lot of different things.

    Take Care