Pain Won't Let Up

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rileyearl, Oct 2, 2005.

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    I'm having a hard time with this pain. It's been bad for a week or more. My right hip and leg. I was thinking earlier that this must be how it feels to get shot. Only not so gory. The vicodin 10mg isn't cutting it. I'm supposed to wait 6 hours between pills, but am down to 4. I've taken 15mg a couple of times. Last night I got up at 2 and took a pill and applied heat. Still hurting, I went back to bed and got up at 5. It was so bad I fixed a bath with epsom salts and peroxide. It helped around the edges, but not much. I'm going to call the doc tomorrow if it doesn't let up. I had a massage last Thursday and that usually relaxes me and eases the pain, but, except for a few minutes during the massage, the pain stayed constant.

    I've been in some pain contiuously since June. It's usually manageable with the vicodin. It's gotten worse since I went to the FFC. I think it's because my energy level is up and I'm doing more. Not doing much, though. Can't drive and I only get out of the house to go for some kind of doctor visit or treatment.

    What is the next stronger med to vicodin? I've ordered some cherryflex pills and hope they will help.

    Just needed to whine. My son is here (age 4) and wants to know all your names. I'm going to tell him you're all named either Jennifer or Kathy. Thanks for listening.

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    Hi Francie!

    My hip and leg is always acting up but I know what it is; lumbar disks ruptured. Pinches the nerves that go down the hip and leg. A good PT can help release some of the myofascial issues. Also, your doc can order an MRI (if you've got $$ or insurance!) to see what's up. That's a common area for problems.

    As to the meds, I "titrate" my 10 mg hydrocodone. I break them in half and take every 2 hours. Seems to help keep the blood levels even so I don't go into a bad flare while waiting for the next dose. There are stronger meds available that you can discuss with your doc for breakthrough pain as well.

    Hope that helps...And my name is Cinda. That'll be one for the kids! Hugs, C.

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