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  1. amadaman

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    ive been treated for depression for 10 years but after reading some of these posts im starting to wonder if i have fm. i have one bad side effect from the drugs.i get a burning sensation and pins and needles feeling in my bad i have to wear shorts year round and i live in canada.could this be fm.

    thanks amadaman
  2. maedaze

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    Hi there,

    Hard to tell, but it would be worth getting it checked out by the doctors, doesn't it get cold in canada? shorts in winter brrrrrrrrrrr!!

    I don't get the pins and needles but others do, mine is more the muscles ache and bone pain. Hope you get it sorted, it sounds uncomfortable.
  3. suz45

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    You could have both, mnay people with FM have also experienced depression. If you are on meds for the depression and are having the symptoms you mention, I think it is certainly worth your time to explore the FM piece.

    Especially when you descibed the burning legs.... That sounds an awful lot like what many FM people have.

    Hopefully you have a good doctor that would make a referral or knows about FM.

    Godd luck, let us know how you are doing

  4. kellyann

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    I have a lot of burning anf pins and needles type of pain, but I have Lyme disease. Have you been checked for this?
  5. amadaman

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    yes it gets very cold in toronto i dont know much about fm but thanks to all you guys for replying any info would be greatly appreciated