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  1. Hawkeye

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    Oh my....I am having a really horrible pain spell.

    My right arm from my neck,shoulder all the way to the tips of my fingers is in such pain I can hardly stand it.

    I just slathered my entire arm with Ben is just you think it is my neck or a shoulder problem?

    I have never had pain like this, I had to have my son help me cut my shirt off I couldn't handle taking it off over my head, it just hurt too bad.

  2. ktpar

    ktpar New Member

    I believe the name for your pain is called a FM Flare where you feel pain all over. I read it in a book I got from my local library on Fibromylagia. I have one so bad that I ended up in the Emergency Room getting a shot of Morphine. Let your Dr know how bad you feel. Hope this helps you, KP
  3. JanesGrama

    JanesGrama New Member

    Dear Karen,
    I have had what you are experiencing countless times. You have fibromyalgia trigger points in your neck, shoulders and a little farther down your back in a place called the rhomboids(muscles) sort of between the shoulder blades. The muscles near the affected trigger points have gone into spasm, causing a secondary impingement to the nerves that travel down your arm and all the pain you are experiencing. It can also cause restriction of movement in the areas affected by those muscles. The longer the muscles are in spasm the more accustomed they will be to staying in that position, so the sooner you get treatment the better. The BEST treatment for this is a massage therapist that does deep neuromuscular release. This is not your fru-fru feel good, light touch massage. It can actually be painful, but it is the only thing that in the long run truly does work. Most insurance companies don't cover this, so you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket. I get it done every wk and it has been a life saver for me. Physical therapy that your Dr. will want to send you to won't work. I have tried many and the massage therapist that I go to now was recommended by one of the employees in phyiscal therapy. They don't tell you, but that's who they go to. Get referals when choosing a massage therapist--they are not alike. Therapists trained on the West and East coast seem to do better since there are some excellent schools there. Till you find one: apply a heating pad, try hot tub or shower, try theragesic creme(Ben Gay is worthless in my opinion), my pharmacist says they sell more theragesic than any other cream. If you get the offending spasms to relax, be very careful with movement, because if you over-stretch the muscle it will go right back into spasm. If you can locate the specific area that is driving you nuts, then put a tennis ball in a tube sock & drop it over your shoulder behind your back and pull the sock slowly up until you get the ball right over the trigger point muscle spasm and gently lean against a wall or the back of a chair/couch until you feel the pressure. Make sure it is on the exact spot and push the ball into the painful area as much as you can tolerate. When the pain begins to ease up, put more pressure and hold, repeat this sequence until the muscle finally fatigues and lets up. Then be very careful how you move it for a few days. Often pain down the arm can come from a muscle spasm in the neck near the base of the skull. Very gently explore this area on either side with your fingertips, often changing the angle of your fingers palpations will reveal a deep muscle in spasm underneath a more superficial one. In this area a tennis ball is too big and you will need firm fingertip pressure held til the muscle fatigues (preferably from your significant other, as this is difficult to do on yourself, although it can be done for a short time). And that is the book on how to handle your type of pain.
    Sincerely, and I swear it works,
    Linda in Gulfport, MS

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