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  1. anj211

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    can anyone tell me if anyone out there gets chest problems with cfs i get lots of chest problems i have asthma but i dont no if the cfs could possibly make this worse i get chest tightness and get pain but have been told it is not my heart ialso get back pain
  2. sweetbeatlvr

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    as in your lungs or tightness as in feeling like someone is squeezing the life out of you?

    if you ar meaning like feeling squeezed to death and pain, yes, i get that, and have from time to time since getting FM. it's something awful.

    look up chostocondritis. it is very common in FM. it is when the muscles in the ribs and chest bone tighten up, and cause pain

    when they are tight, and your back muscles are tight, it can feel like you are literally being crushed, very painful.

    sorry you are suffering, i wish we could all have some relief.<3
  3. nixon

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    and I've also been told my heart is good! I get chest pain, have had 2 episodes of was terribly painful, and nothing seemed to help me!! Haven't experienced the costo. in a while.....knock on wood!! Sorry that your hurting! Andrea
  4. Pansygirl

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    I have costochroinditis too and although I don't have this pain everyday when I do it just
    adds to the misery of my other Fibro pain.

    Hope you find some relief, Susan