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  1. pamelakc

    pamelakc New Member

    I have been in a great deal of pain worse than ever and I have been sick with fibro for 17yrs. I am having such bad back pain and leg and foot pain.

    It has gotten where when I walk it feels like I am walking on rocks or peebles with every step. I am only 44yrs old and I feel I am too young to have to depend on a wheelchair but I guess I may have to.

    Also does anyone else have severe pain in their legs and feet when the air or breeze hits them? That what happens to me I get shooting pain in them then.

    I feel so guilty because my hubby goes to touch my legs and it drives me crazy, I hate to say anything because I don't want to hurt his feelings.

    Also does anyone else have abdominal pain associated with fibro?

    Guess thats all Gentle Hugs Pamela
  2. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    When I walk around in a breeze my legs throb, and my feet tingle. I some times get the feeling of walking on broken glass instead of pebbles, my knee caps feel like they are under alot of pressure and could pop off any time. My legs have been acheing so bad that I don't want to move, my left wrist causes me so much pain.

    I am 55 and still too young to be in a wheel chair. On a funny note I was in Walmart one day when a sales man came up to me while I was riding in the electric cart and asked me if I needed to have one at home? He was trying to get a sale , I would like ot have one but I don't have a way to transport it to places I need to go. or want to go. I told him I was not interested but thanks for thinking of me.

    I may feel like I am 99 yrs old when this pain is never ending and sleep does not come. But I am far from it. I Hope htat you feel better soon.
    I think that some of my pain is from the wet spring we are having. In the past few months we have had more than 12 inches of rain, in the valley and a couple of feet of new snow in the mountians.
    We are going to have skiing till after the 4th of July. Fun if you ski. I don't. We had an abnormally wet winter ,spring, and now we are still in an abnormal weather pattern.

    Mayt be when it gets back to noraml my pain will ease up a bit I am hopeing that it will happen soon.
  3. Jittle

    Jittle Member


    I have foot pain for almost a year now. Its about time I go to a doc. It's mostly in my heels and gets to the point where I cannot even stand on my feet. Sometimes I have to walk around on the balls of my feets.

    My pain in general is getting worse as well. All the meds, vitamins, exercise and diet are not helping. I feel worse than ever. My back as been out for a week and is causing pain down my legs. I am trying very hard to hold out till doc appointment on monday. I bought a cane to help with balance but don't use it all the tiime. I am 35 and I feel everyone stares at me with it. God knows what the doc will say if I show up monday with it. Just a month ago i was able to exercise and walk, and then something went wrong and now just getting around hurts. I broke down to my husband last night... if this is me at 35 where will i be in 10 years....

    Oh, the abdominal pain...Do you have IBS? I have been dealiing with that all week too

    Hope you week gets better
  4. maeV.

    maeV. New Member

    Yes, pain in my abdominal area and entire back. I get relief with Percocet for part of the day. My husband gently rubs my back most of the evening while we are watching TV. I find ATivan helps me relax also and a glass of white wine. It is horrible being in a lot of pain. God help you and all of us that suffer with this kind of pain. Later.....maeV
  5. pamelakc

    pamelakc New Member

    I think I may ask for a script for ativan that has helped me before, My hubby has carpal tunnel syndrome so he can't rub my back, I guess I'll have to get my son to do it, I think I do have IBS I have all the symptoms of it. I am on Vicodin for pain I may have to ask him to increase the dose as I am on the lowest dose possible right now. Maybe I will also have to try the wine idea. Thanx Gentle Hugs Pamela
  6. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    I had that kind of foot pain and they said it was heel spurs. I could barely walk to get to the bathroom. I got physical therapy for it - exercises, massage, and ultrasound. Mine was triggered by coming off of Lamictal. It still comes back from time to time but nowhere nearly as bad. Nothing helped the pain when I had it, but time and the decrease of the med in my system were the true cure. Good luck. I feel for you.
  7. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    i saw your other post about needing an antid, these can help with pain or u can use tramadol slow release version, tramadol being a pain killer and also known to help resistant depression as it also works on similar neurotransmitters to antid's. doc probably wont prescribe it for depression but they should prescribe it for chronic pain and get the secondary effects of its antidepressant effects. just controlling pain is going to make u feel alot better.

    good luck,
  8. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    I am just coming off several months of incredible foot pain. Despite being on two pain killers (BuTrans and ultram), I found myself walking on the outside edges of my feet (forget going barefoot) and thinking twice about crossing the room.

    I've been wearing Birkenstock sandals contantly since the onset of fibro two years ago, but decided to try running shoes and my custom orthotics since I had them on hand. Well, what an improvement in my foot pain. Not a cure, but a good improvement. Of course, my hips are now hurting and I wonder if it isn't due to the change in footwear. Sigh.

    Happy feet are vital - consider seeing a foot specialist?

    Not sure what to suggest re the leg pain. Is it all over the leg? On the surface or deeper within? Could you have some trigger.tender points that are acting up?

    I have an SI joint injury from a pedestrian/MVA accident and I found that aggressive massage actually make the area so darn sore that I couldn't handle the lightest of pressure. My theory is that nerves/the area needed time to clam right down and not be stretched, bothered, poked, etc.
  9. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member


    I am so sorry. Yes, these are my worst points of pain as well. It has not been as bad since I started Klonopin, which helps dull the pain. But whenever I have a flare, yes, this is exactly where I hurt. I can never find a comfortable pair of shoes. They all feel like cement bricks to me. With needles on them, to boot. :)

    I haven't had the sensation of wind making things worse, except maybe in the winter when it is a bitter cold breeze. That definitely hurts.

    I also have quite a bit of abdominal/stomach issues and pain.

    I hope you get some relief soon.

    P.S. Are you on anything for pain?

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