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    I am at my wits end. I hurt so much all the time that I really want to scream. I have tried to get to talk to my rehumy but he is out of town till next week. I will be calling him then and asking him to not reduce my Msir for at least two months. I don't know if the added pain is from withdrawal from lowering the mscontin but it could be.

    Also I need to have maor dental work done and I can 't handle any more pain. Since the meds I am on now are not doing much for my pain then it seems dumb to reduce my quick acting medication when I will be needing it due to the dental work.
    I know that this will disapoint my daughters who want me off ALL pain meds asap{ or at least one of the 3 girls feel that way.} I am not going to tell them about it. I also am going to ask my rehumy about adding Lortab 10 or perocet 10 ,as I will need some thing added for the surgical dental work I need done.

    I have been walking more , I used to use the electric carts at walmart all the time but lately I have been walking more and more , I pay for it too, by the time we are comming home the pain is unbearable , my feet are tingling, burning, my knee's feel like the knee caps are going to pop off like I have alot of pressure under them.

    MY wrist's and shoulder's go numb when I lean on them for a few moments and I have been having horriable sharp pain that starts in my lower back and goes down to my butt and down my legs and ends in my feet. I also get this really intense electrical shock feeling, some thing like being stuck with a pin it lasts a few seconds and then hurts but soon goes away.
    I dont' understand what is going on with my body, I have been trying hot baths, heating pads, I would love to have a lidocaine patch but they are also a tier 3 on my insurance it will cost me $79.00 and I can't afford that, so I am up a creek.

    I asked my orthopedic doctor about getting my knee's relaced and was told that I need to lose at least 60- 80 lbs. After losing weight it will be easier for my recovery and rehab. So I need to start an eercise program and learn how to eat better, I have not gained weight in years but I have not lost more than 10 lbs unless I have had surgery. And I am not going to do that for a long time.

    I don't understand this pain touch any spot on my body gently and it hurts, skin , bones , joints, it matters not. I hurt so much at night that I can't sleep even after taking two soma and a mscontin60 mg. I just want to be normal, I want to lose this added weight, stop sweating on my face and neck and stop or ease some of the pain I always have.

    I wish that I knew how to discribe this pain but words fail me. I can't put it in to words how bad this pain is and how to discribe the pain so that people understand.

    I wish that I had the words to explain what is going on with my body to you. But I can't/
    Thanks for listening to me complain.
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    Regarding your dental work. Does it involve a local anesthetic or maybe an I.V. ? I've noticed that when I have dental work done and get anesthetic that my pain level goes down for a day or two. The extra pain medication in it apparently goes through my system and helps my fibro feel better. You may not have any trouble with the dental work.

    I'm sorry you're feeling so much pain. I know how much it can hurt. I've had to limit my activites so much that I hardly do anything anymore, just a little cooking.

    Hope you feel better. GB66
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    I would love to have all the work done with IV meds. But I dont' have any insurance so a local will have to do. Darn.

    I am trying so hard to be the mom that my daughters want me to be. TO help my MOm like she wants but it is causing me lots of pain and little relief.
    I don't like taking all the pain meds all the time, I would like to be "Normal" and not have to live with this never ending pain.

    I am still betweem a rock and a hard place. Wish me luck in finding a way to pay for the dental work and a way to deal with the added pain from having it.

    Thanks for your thoughts

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