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  1. ltllee

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    Went to a Pain management Dr who was also a neurologist, and even though he claimed to know what fibro was he was clueless! Kept on pushing PT, I have tried the hot and cold etc, with to relief, would i be so stupid to pay a Dr if i hadn't tried these measures myself?
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    Dear ltllee:

    I have gone to PT 3 times in my life. All of those times were after surgeries on my neck and shoulder. I have to say that I learned a lot of great exercises in PT and still do a lot of them now for my fibro and it really helps. I was also lucky enough to recieve awesome massages after 2 of my surgeries. If you do go, ask if you can get a massage and tell them that is the only thing that truly makes you feel better. Make sure you tell them if you have fibro and or CFS so they can work on trigger point areas or your neck and back if that is to painful for you.

    I even got my work insurance to pay for PT last year when I pulled a muscle in my back and could'nt work for a week. The physical therapist there knew a lot about fibro and gave me the best massages ever! I even got my insurance to cover 2 PT appts. a week for 3 months and even got the therapist to only do massages, HEAVEN! If you don't go to PT maybe you could get your hubby or someone else close to you to give you massages. My hubby has gotten really good after a lot of practice,lol! Good luck and if you do go to PT make sure you get some handouts of the exercises and stretches they teach you so you can continue them at home. If you have access to a pool it's much easier to do them in water.

    Faith, Peace and Comfort, Julie
  3. Mikie

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    But I also learned easy exercises which can even be done in bed. The therapist was knowledgeable about FMS and he didn't hurt me. Those exercises keep me more agile and strong. It's a small piece of our healing. No one thing seems to be "the answer," but all things taken together produce a synergy which helps healing.

    I highly recommend PT if one has a good therapist. BTW, there seems to be a connection between exercise and brain function. It's what I call one of my "Chicken Soup" treatments. It can't hurt and it might help. Of course, it can hurt if not done by a really good therapist who understands our illnesses.

    That said, if one has pain, that pain needs to be relieved. I was on morphine in the beginning until the Guai Protocol helped with pain. I still take Klonlopin for sleep at night and it also helps with pain. I think each of us has to find a personal regimen for healing. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Itllee, can understand your disappointment, takes for bloody ever to wait for these appointments only too be told the same thing again and again, take the drugs do the exercises, thing is that is the only answer they have for fibromyalgia at the moment despite the research, unfortunately, most money is spent on cancer research and heart disease, even though fibromyalgia is the second most common rheumatological condition, we still have a long way to go before anyone is going to fund explorative research into fibro or even agree on the cause, so the best we can all do is try the pills, use the heat, massage, and the stretching, mild cardio, and strengthenening exericises to keep our tight muscles looser, yes i agree its a poor answer to a bloody painful condition, but until research gets funded, until a breakthrough is made, these are the only choices we have. And i make your right, we dont end up at these doctors without doing our bloody best in between to make things work. Some days are better than other, in hindsight some years are better than others, every day we just gotta get up and make the best of what we've got that day, i do that everyday, i start with a negative thought, then i drag myself out of bed and get on with it, and (somewhere behind the curtains) hope that they will find a drug, or some type of therapy that will help more than is on offer at the moment.

    best wishes
  5. Janalynn

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    Whether it's worth it to keep paying him or not would depend on what else you got from him - most importantly your gut intuition. Did he seem like someone who was responsive, who was willing to go down the long road with you of trial and error of what works and what doesn't? Does he have other options he's willing to try?

    My first (only) experience w/pain mgmt Dr. turned me off so badly. She supposed had Fibro herself. Her first words were "I have fibro so you can't tell me anything I don't know' in a very snippy voice. Then she told me only Flexiril and anti-inflammatories work. Well, I KNOW that isn't true. The most respected rheumy in town diagnosed me and told me personally that anti-inflammatories don't do a thing for Fibro since there is no inflammation with Fibro. (plus I'm allergic anyway) Right there she lost me. So, although I think going to find another PM Doc would be good, I think I'm a little gun shy.

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