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  1. maeV.

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    What do you do when you have FM and you can't take any perscription medications that are supposed to help it? The only thing I can take is Percocet. 7.25 mg three times a day, but by the end of the day, even that doesn't help. Just pain 24/7. I've been to every kind of doctor, pain management clinic, chiropractors, PT's Holistic doctor..... it is so depressing and frustrating. I'm hoping the FibroFree that I've just ordered will help somewhat. Any suggestions out there? maeV.
  2. pamelakc

    pamelakc New Member

    I know how hard it is to not be able to take very many meds and have fibro. My sister in-law and her mom are allergic to most pain meds, they could both take Darvocet, but now they just take Soma and Aleve or Tylenol. Good luck to you, hopefully one day soon there will be a new drug that will help people who can't take Vicodin.

    Gentle Hugs Pamela
  3. maeV.

    maeV. New Member

    Thank you for answering my plea for pain help. I did do some Meditation in the past and perhaps I should start again.

    I'm curious about the MSM powder. How do you take that?

    I just ordered FibroFree from this website. I'm hoping it will make a difference for me. Have you tried it?

    My thryoid is normal. I just had labs done. I do take Synthryroid. I'm so sensitive to meds that I have to get the kind with no dyes.

    I take Ativan at night to help me sleep and lately a small glass of wine before bedtime. Whatever I can do to make it through another day. The Lord knows my needs and I'm depending on Him. Thanks again.... maeV
  4. maeV.

    maeV. New Member

    Thank you for answering my pain plea. Gentle hugs is right. Nothing very hard to the touch.

    I have a very bad stomach, so I stay away from Aleve. Sometimes Tylenol helps, but not like Ibuprofen. That really rips my stomach up. For some reason Perocoet seems to help me. I only take 3 a day for fear of addiction.

    I ask the Lord every day for help and strength to make it through another day.

    Your sis in law and her mom know how hard life if when you can't take some kind of med to help.

    I'm seeing a PT right now that is helping me more than anyone. I have a lot of abdominal scar tissure from surgery in 2008. It is a big problem for me. That and a botched knee surgery in 08. Oh, dear...let us not go there.

    Thank you Pamela
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    Hi. My name is Lori and I too have had FM for 2 Years. I started out using morephine 15 mg every 12 hours. That stopped working . So now my Doctor has me on Oxycotin 15mg every 12 hours. It does help with the pain, but I dont want to be another addicted person who cant live without there drugs. I dont have a addictive personanlity. Thank God! But I just want to talk to you and others because this is my 1st time too reach out too others about this horrrific disease. I do realize if you let this disease rule you it will suck you up and eat the life right out of you. The pain is one that is so hard too describe. Because of its constant nagging ache and never really being without pain for 2 years I cant even imagine my life being any different now. That is very sad for me too say. :eek:{ As long as I keep focused on doing a chore I can sometimes possibly follow through with it, but then I pay for it the next day or so. Yes, I agree with you that this is a depressing and frustrating way of life. Please keep us posted on your purchase with FibroFree? Any new suggestions are always a fresh of breath air to at least try. If anyone has any suggestions I'm another one that would definately take advantage of it. Good luck and Keep Us Posted Please. Xo

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