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    Im 24 years old soon to be 25 and have been suffering from these re occurring pains if i can remember since my junior year of high school, i played sports like lacrosse and field hockey so i figured these aches and pains were just sore muscles, now that I am older i know thats not what it is. I never really speak about the pain only to my boyfriend, because i know he wont think Imo crazy. But these pains recently have been debilitating, they are pulsating in one area and it can happen up to 30 seconds to a minute and in random spurts, but not in just one concentrated area it will happen in other spots to, for example yesterday it happened in my pointer finger and finally subsided, today at work it was almost at the top right of my scalp, it was debilitating to the point where i had to lean my head down on my arm, tonight it was in my back and in my arm, at times i have had a numbing sensation in parts of my body too, it has happened in my arm almost like it is asleep but an even weirder feeling, and about a month ago it happened in my face right under my eye and felt it in my nose is this linked? Another issue i am having is the pain in my legs, i am constantly on my feet because i work retail, by the middle of the day and when i get home my legs are tingling with pain and very uncomfortable to the point where i need to keep moving them, do you think this is linked? please any insight into what is going on with me let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read this, i know that i need to see a doctor but this is also a way for me to write it out so i can better explain it to him.
    I am currently waiting on my health insurance cards to come right now in the mail so i cannot go to the doctor but wanted some advice or insight so when i talk to him i feel more comfortable.
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    Sorry that you are having a rough time.

    You could go ahead and make your Dr appt now since it can take awhile to get in.

    If your cards don't come by the day before the appt, call and reschedule it...Dr's like at least 24 hrs notice to cancel an appt.

    You could start by making notes of your medical and when your symptoms started back in your Jr year of high school up until now.

    Make it short and easy to read so you can show it to the Dr........for example...(this would be my list):

    August 1987- flu-like illness with severe sore throat, saw PCP, told it was viral

    Sept 1987- Constant ache in right hip

    Oct 1987- Severe thobbing pain in every joint in my body, saw PCP, referred to Rheumatologist

    Nov 1987- Throbbing joint pain stopped and now had painful, stiff muscle pain......

    You get the idea....this gives the Dr a good idea of exactly what happened to you.

    Make a note of any therapies or medications, etc that you tried.

    Hope you can see the Dr soon and get some answers.

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    What I wanted to alert you to is "pre-existing conditions" on medical insurance. That means medical conditions that existed prior to the medical insurance starting. Depending on your medical insurance it may cause your insurance to be eligible for pre-existing conditions. You may want to fully check your medical insurance policy to find out if the medical conditions you are going through now may potentially fall under pre-existing conditions and how your upcoming new medical insurance will cover it. Good luck.