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    I posted this on lymnet but thought I would post here too.


    Around last september i had a pain just under my left rib cage, this became worse and by xmas I was beside myself and the pain included the whole abdomen. Started with naturapath and achieved a managable level of pain.

    Had all the usual tests, nothing. A few weeks ago caught a virus which everyone else had but it has made my body go crazy.

    Now I hurt everywhere almost like arthritis but does not necessarily seem to be in joints, abdominal pain unbearable again with constant aching back.

    I can't seem to keep my lower body warm enough and hips, legs hurt to just lie on them. Also have been having fevers sometimes just lasting five or ten minutes. Also having constant tingling in legs and sporadic elseware including head. Even my toes are painful, Living on tylenol three.

    Am now on doxy 200 mg day from my cfs doctor. Have just sent off blood for co-infection testing to igenex.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone or sound significant to some co-infection.

    Still waiting for referral to llmd.