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    Ok, I'm seeing a new acupuncturist and she asked me the other day if I meditate and I said YES, but do lapse with this process, so I'm concentrating more on doing meditation daily. She asked me what meditation process I use and I said "silent mediation and/or using a mantra that I repeat in my mind over and over....

    What we feed our brain is what we get...we feed it negative, we get negative....I'm convinced of this...

    So we changed my mantra to PainFree, PainFree, PainFree etc.....this tells the brain to be painfree.....this can help and certainly does not hurt.

    One could even do this with Energy, Energy, the brain and who knows....again it cannot hurt...and could help....

    Words are so important and the more negative, the more negative our body will be.....Also, I do not like to OWN FM, OA and the stuff I "deal" with, so use I deal with or am challenged with, etc......

    Just some tips, and Meditation is very very very helpful......jam

    PS: This does not take away from all else I do, but programming the brain in a more positive way. We can go a step further, as we go thru our days, use these words in your sub-conscious mind.....keep PainFree in the front of the brain/mind.
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    Jamin one step further might be, instead of pain free (which in a way still connects you to pain) maybe think I'm comfortable, at ease, relaxed, energetic and feel light or something in that order. Since when you are free of pain, pain is no issue.

    Soul consiousness has helped me a lot to take distance from physical pain but still take good care of the body. The thought I am a soul, a point of light, the living being in this body, I am not this body, I am sitting in the center of the forehead and use it to express myself. I sent light to every cell in this body and all around. I the soul am peace, even if the body/matter may present chaos.
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    I've been thinking on this and I still like PainFree and will change words depending on my day and how I'm feeling..... I have an older friend who has many health issues including advanced OA and she really really works on NOT putting negative words in her mouth and we talk about that I know what she means as do both of you gals. This friend went thru a lot of mind control programs in her earlier life.... Our mind is like a huge sponge and absorbs everything we put in it...... I like the mantra FeelingGood too. jam
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    I like to think, "Everything is just as it's supposed to be." Another is from Psalms, "Be still and know that I am God." These comfort me in knowing that a loving force is in control of everything despite what is happening in my life. It's less specific but relaxes and reassures me to the point that fatigue, stress and pain are no longer foremost in my mind. Researchers have found that when we pray or meditate, it changes our brainwaves. A lot of our pain is due to unnecessary pain messages from our brains or from amplified pain messages due too our conditions. Just the act of prayer and meditation can help us. It's been said that when we pray, we talk to God. When we meditate, God talks to us. I usually try to just clear my mind when I meditate. Often, answers have come to me, seemingly from out of the blue. I think each of us has our own way of praying and/or meditating. Whatever works best is the thing to do.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, all the years I was involved in the Science of Mind principles, they always said: **Everything is just where it is supposed to be**...I understand that in we all tend to FIGHT battles that make us uncomfortable, I do and have.....

    This statement really got me as I am so against wars and all the killing that we in that I always struggled with that statement....and part of their principles....

    I suppose all the pain we are challenged with is "supposed to be" way to try to understand it.... I don't enjoy the pain I live with so.....and I abhore wartimes....

    Life can be very complicated for those who THINK a lot.... We all deal as we do. jam