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  1. simplyhurting

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    I have fibromyalgia and also oseoarthritis, especially in my feet. Found a certain type of shoe is very helpful but sometimes nothing helps much. Does anyone else have painful feet, especially the tops of the feet.
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    I do a lot of karate, so it's probably expected that my feet hurt a lot, plus I'm just on them a lot, although sometimes my feet hurt when I've been sick and unable to move around as much, so I think that's just fibro. Mine hurt in the balls of my feet but other places as well.

    I'm sorry to hear about the pain in your feet as well. *What brand of shoes have you found helpful?* I've found Birkenstocks to be really great. They have almost a built in orthotic and last for over ten years. They've been great for me. Sometimes rubbing the sore areas with my hands (a mini foot massage) helps a lot. Hope you get some relief!

    Warmly, Erika
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    Hi, I too am having lots of pain in my feet. It's actually been the one symptom that has been constant every day and never goes away. I just figured that it was part of the fibro and the doctors never have even suggested getting an x-ray or everything. I am planning on bringing that up at my next appointment. Even the pain pills don't help with the feet pain.

    Some days it's so bad that I can't walk very far without my whole leg and foot cramping up so severly I am in tears. I have had to give up all my pretty little shoes and wear shoes strictly for comfort. I have been using two pairs of shoes that I bought recently from the brand Clarks. They, I think are called Privo or Priva. Anyway, the insoles are textured and are supposed to massage your feet. They help me alot. I also just found a pair of Naturalizer slip on boot like shoes. They are pretty comfortable. Also, I found a pair of Keds, that I am suprised are so super cushiony they help alot. Unfortunately, the keds now are worn out and the cushion is gone. If I can find another pair of those Keds, they are mine.

    If I find anything else out for pain relief or shoe-related relief, I will be sure to post.

  4. FM_DD

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    Simply Hurting, hi I have had 2 foot surgeries. One was for pain I had in the top of my right foot. It ended up being a Morton's Neuroma. You can tell if you have it by
    squeezing your toes together w/ your hand. If it hurts then that's it. You can also press under your toes but that's hard to explain in writing. Go to a podiatrist. Let them help you!

    Good luck,
  5. sweetpea48

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    My feet have hurt for several years now. I've had different things wrong with them, such as plantar faciatis and Morton's neuroma, but aside from that, they just...hurt. If I put them up for awhile, they hurt when I put them on the floor. After I walk some they ache. They burn and throb.

    Most socks with any synthetic in them make my feet unbearably hot, until I discovered wool socks. Yes, wool, even in the summer. They feel great. Recently my husband bought me some cusioned socks that are not wool, and they are the first synthetic sock that doesn't burn my feet up. They are the most comfortable socks I've ever had. They're REI brand, bought at the REI store. I'm very grateful for them.
  6. marsupialmama

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    and getting REALLY fed up, they hurt and burn and feel numb all at the same time. I can;t stand having them touched and if I step on something on the floor that I don't know is there I yelp with pai.

    Got orthotics years ago, replaced them 2-3 years ago, can;t do without them now but they didn't help with the pain AT ALL although I was promised they would.

    The foot doctors in this city are RUBBISH, at least the ones I have met. They aren' even real doctors! (i.e., not MDs). Creeps and/or totally incompetent.

    I cannot go barefoot any more (AGONY) or even in sock feet. I wear Birks around the house and shoes with real suppport outside - Brooks walking shoes or New Balance, and Columbia boots for winter. I have super-wide feet so buying shoes is a really pain in the - er - plantar fascia.

    New family doc took x-rays which showed heel spurs, But pain is over the whole foot, not heel pain per se. Basically from the ankles down I HURT LIKE HECK 24/7. I hurt other places too but I get some times where those pains stop for a while. Not my feet.

    She told me to try physio so that's what I plan to do. The ND is putting me on a bunch of anti-infammatory things as well as the anti-candida diet, so watch this space...

  7. forfink

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    Wow, I started yoga 6 years ago and really started listening to my body and all it's parts...... I noticed all the muscles and fascia around all the many bones we have in our feet are what ache. If you really manipulate your feet with your fingers there are so many trigger points. Stretching helps a litle , but really it's just another FM signal to the brain. Massage helps a little.

    Wearing supportive shoes is better for your feet, of course, but in the summer it's so much easier to just wear flipflops, darn it! Guess this is really bad to do.
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  8. granmama

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    My feet were xrayed and found to have in both, heel spurs.
    I was told by an orthopedic surgeon to get a warm water foot massager, use 3 x day and stretch the feet. Also, to get custom orthotic inserts.
    I bought "Propet" athletic shoes and the best inserts I could find at Walgreens, just couldn't afford the custom ones. I do get relief, just depends on how long I'm on my feet.
    I also am on Lodine 2xday for inflammation. It makes the pain bearable to walk, especially in the morning. I have to have regular blood work to check my liver because I'm taking it long term.
  9. simplyhurting

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    Have gone to podiatrist. Was told I had Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, etc. Was told that I pronate. Also have osteoarthritis in both feet and elsewhere. Not much can be done really. I still walk cause it's something I always liked and I refuse to give it up completely.
    Thank you so much for the response.
  10. simplyhurting

    simplyhurting New Member

    Believe it or not, I found Land's End Shoes to be the more comfortable pair. Will have to get special to help with the pronation but not much can be done about the arthritis. I had always been no my feet a lot, too.
    Take care !
  11. simplyhurting

    simplyhurting New Member

    Thank you so much.
    Hopefully you will find out why you have the pain in your feet. I did, but somehow am still in denial and wishing it would just go away. It's no longer possible for me to blame it on fibro flareup.

    Take care of yourself.