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    Several people have asked about painful feet recently and this "Tip of The Day" just arrived in my e-mail from ProHealth. If you haven't already, go to the Home Page and sign up to receive these tips. Even someone like me who has been reading and researching our illnesses for almost three years learns something new from these tips.

    Tip of the Day for September 03, 2003

    Pain can originate in the feet where muscles, ligaments, and joints become stressed and tender. Some people with fibromyalgia also have plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the fascia or thick fibrous area in the heel at the attachment to the heel bone. Treatment may include using anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and cushioning (such as SPENCO athletic inserts) to absorb the shock to the heel as you walk. Good athletic shoes and orthotics can also help. Talk to your physician if you think you might have plantar fasciitis.

    Love, Mikie
  2. courtney5771

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    Thanks for the info. Does this condition cause burning and tingling?

  3. Mikie

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    Are often signs of neuropathy. Most docs think this condition only exists in people with Diabetes, but we are also prone to having this. My Mom had it and found that walking help with it. She walked in the pool which made it less painful.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have burning, numbing and pain in my feet also. Sometimes in my left foot on the top of it there is noticeable swelling. At one point around 5 years ago, the top of it just popped. It doubled in size, turned black and blue, couldnt walk on it. Also had a grapefruit size bruise on the side of my calf that took 4 months to go away. Had a xray, MRI done on it. Nothing showed. Was put into a walking cast, then finally a cast. There wasnt a explanation for this. To this day i have problems with this foot, i really believe it has something to do with FMS. Somedays i cant hardly walk on my feet when i get out of bed its awful. Sometimes at night i cant stand to have the sheets touch my feet. Some nights they just burn inside. Same goes for my hands. I have shooting pains also that go out my feet and hands. I was told this is neuropathy. I have found nothing that takes the symptoms away yet when it hits really bad.
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    tingling in my feet but guess it is more common than I realized. Does anyone else have what I describe as the almost cramp? THe feeling just before you get a cramp? I have that in my feet also. It is driving me crazy!! WLE
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    I was dx with Plantar's back in the early1990's, and I started wearing Heel cup's and other types of orthotic supports in all my shoes.
    I can not walk without them. Before I started wearing them, I spent a lot of time off my Feet because the Pain was so bad.

    I had special ones made, when I was first dx, but found that by wearing the Dr. Schols' insert's that matched, different shoes, I could once again wear something that didn't look like Army Boot's.
    They also make some nice shoes now, I get mine at Wallmart.

    By the way, Running shoes, are great, but you should replace them often, as they lose their absorption capabilitie's, which can be Coslty. So I wear the insert's, and save money Plus get rid of walking Pain.

    You should also do some excerise's, I do what are called, Toe Taps, which losen's up the tooties. For the Heels, I just do very easy stretches, you should do these, before you start walking in the am, and it only takes a few min.s. You don't need to spend hours, just simple warm up stretches helps me.
    Plus Water exerise and Walking when I can.


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    I went to a foot doctor! He told me I had FALLEN ARCHES, ordered ex-rays because he thought I had (SPURS) on the bottom of my feet. He told me to get DR. SCHOLLS ARCH SUPPORTS. They help a lot. Also never to go bare footed around the house, which I do all the time. Unless its winter time, then I wear socks, or slippers. The streaching exersize also helps! before you get out of bed,streach your feet (kinda up and down, and wiggel your toes around) you should feel a slight pulling but it loosens up everything and its not so stiff and painfull when you step down. Also he said to get a good pair of running shoes. Hope this helps

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    Mikie, just wanted to say "amen" to the "Tip of the Day". I look forward to it everyday!
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    i have always wondered about the pain and tingling in my feet. On some days I can barely walk by evening. Thanks I see my rheummy next week I will definitley bring this up.