painful hands, arms and body

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    I, too, have FM and herbeden arthritis in my hands. My arms HURT ALL THE TIME! I
    have tried to come

    My entire body hurt and therefore I have tried to come up with ideas to make my life easier. I can not lift or raise my arms without them hurting. Therefore, for my hair, I have it permed and wear it in a wash & wear fashion except for the front top portion. In order to get packages in out of the car I have a light weight, folding, pull cart in which I place bags and carry just a few at a time. It takes longer to get everything into the house but it does not hurt me. For my hands I use an electric, warming, pariffin treatment, pop top helpers, a small, hand held, battery operated can opener that opens cans without me having to put any pressure on the can and because I easily drop things now, I try and remember to use both hands to lift items. Also, the Pampered Cheif hand chopper is great. Does anyone else have hints that can make life easier for us?