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  1. ourlife

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    I have been having severe pain in my knees for about a week now. I can't go up steps or down steps and its all i can do to get in and out of my car. They have hurt before but this is much more severe. This morning i fell coming out of my door to go to work becuase the pain crippled me. I am goign to my Rheumy Monday for this.

    Has anybody else had this with Fibro?
  2. wendysj

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    Absolutely! My knees hurt so bad sometimes, especially if I'm sitting for too long. Other times they hurt when I'm walking or on my elliptical. I feel like they don't hurt quite so bad if I'm able to excercise them regularly throughout the week.

    I'm so sorry that you fell. Be very careful... our bodies can't handle extra bangs or jolts.

    I hope your Rhuemy can help.
  3. Janalynn

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    Oh yes - that's how this all started for me. I couldn't walk up any stairs at all..had to crawl. That was 25 years ago, went in for x rays etc. All was "normal" HA. They wanted to give me anti-inflammatories, but I am allergic
    My legs are horrible - hips, knees, back of thighs (muscles)

    Feel your pain!
  4. loto

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    that my supervisor has the same trouble with her knees (arthritis) and she just got cortisone shots in them Monday, and says it did her wonders!!! she doesn't have trouble getting out of her car or walking! she doesn't know how long it will last, but she's glad she did it! have you tried that before?
  5. ourlife

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    I haven't tried anything yet, except ice. My knees wake me up in the middle of the night and my husband says I moan and yell out in pain in my sleep...they hurt so bad. They dont hurt as bad when i'm walking..just when i'm sitting, stepping up or down stairs or getting up and down out of a chair. I'm 34 and sound like i'm 84 when getting up from my desk at work. I had bone scans done and i have arthritis in parts of my body but not my knees...maybe they missed it. I take Mobic everyday but i can't tell it's helping.
  6. Shananegans

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    I also have pain in my knees but I'm not sure if it's the fibro or just bad knees. My entire family has joint problems (one aunt just got a new knee and another a new hip within the last 6 months). It comes from my grandfather's side of the family. He also had bad knees and hips and could barely walk even before he lost his leg due to bad circulation (below the knee). My brother has bad knees (he had water on both when he was 4 or 5 and had to have it drained as his knees were the size of water melons). My mom also has knee and hip problems (but she has FMS too). So it's hard to tell.

    All of my joints are bad, with my hips being the worst of it (especially the left side), they will actually slightly dislocate if I am in the wrong position or if I bend to far in a squatting motion. Bad hips AND knees is not a fun time, your damned if you do, damned if ya don't.

    Can't say I have any advice, as I don't even know what to do for mine. But you're not alone.


  7. Janalynn

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    You sound just like me. The pain in my knees wakes me up as well. My husband rubs them a lot for me. For me, it's my Fibro. - nothing to be drained or to get shots for (unfortunately)
  8. soffy

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    hello my name is sofyy. i have fm for 7 years now, i really deal with this pain too. right in my kees i keep telling my doc but he said that people with fm have that problem too. good luck to you atte. sofyy.
  9. monica33flowers

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    I also have knee pain and it gets really bad when I do laundry. The laundry is down in the basement so I have about 12 steps.

    I started taking Glucosamine with Chondritin about two months ago and they are better. Of course, they are not pain free but not as bad as they were.
  10. caroleye

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    I've had painful knees that began when I was running "hills" for exercise. Years later I cannot do stairs and the pain has spread to include my lower back, shoulder, hips, ankles.......

    So I have 2 types: one that has been dx as "Sciatica". I have found a chinese herb by Plum Flower called "Solitary Hermit" that I take at night, or when symptomatic. Works really well.

    The other that involves my back, shoulder, hips I can relieve with a homeopathic by
    Heel/BHI called Rhus Tox. I also take those at night, and for my lower back, by the same company, I take "Back".

    Because I cannot tolerate any pain meds or even oral supplements, these do not give me any side effects.

    To help prevent "triggers", I wear magnetic knee braces. I've used magnets all over my body and has been my #1 pain reliever.

    Hope this helps those who cannot tolerate pain meds.

    Healing Light to us all......................carole
  11. cph13

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    It's been awhile since I've been on the boards. Lots of changes...Not a good thing for a cfs/me/fibro person. it took me sometime to figure out who was where.

    Keep away from those I love potatoes and miss them terribley LOL

    Now that I am back on boards maybe I can share my experiences over the past 20 some odd years; make some suggestions that worked for me. I've been dealing with oa, 2 torn meniscus on my right knee and one on the left since 1996 w/0 surgery. I'm waitng for FDA approval on the REGENXX stem cell. Much less invasive.

    I find the FLECTOR patch to relieve knee pain. it's new and U can probably get samples from your primary care. I broke my humurous in 2 places, the patches got me through almost better than oxy and vicodin ( in the beginning I used both)Actually, try it on any pain. It is better than lidocaine. It is made of diclofenac and is a 12 hour patch. Also, best creams out there are 024 Fibromyalgia from this site, biofreeze that is a roll on from a medical supply store or diatec (used for neuropathic pain) Wash your hands well if you don't use the roll on.

    1st get an MRI..than may insist you get an xray the game but insist on an MRI. (you can't see stuff on an MRI) It could be a torn meniscus or OA but it's something, TRUST ME. We can't blame everyhting on fibro. I ignored mine for 4 years and only did more damage by continuing my garden, carrying boxes and laundry up and down stairs etc. While waiting start the Glucosamine,chondriton, MSM / D I take MOVE FREE, ice and yes stay off it til U get a diagnosis. . If it is oa I highly recommend the injections. The sooner U start the injections the better they work. 3 shots are recommended. You get either 3 or 5injections, one a week for 3 or 5 weeks. My doctor uses an ultrasound to give the injection. Placement of the product is imperative thus the reason for ultrasound. Many drs. DON"T want to pay for the machine. I suggest you find a rheumy that will. it will do you no good if it doesn't get to the right spot. It also helped my 2 torn meniscus that I believe was just a bonus. Maybe I was lucky. Snyvisc didn't work for my sister or brother in law but their dr. did NOT have the ultrasound and they are probably further along with their condition. There are 3 different ones out there Hyalgan worked very well for me...there is synvisc and eucerba ( I think) The most popular being synvisc. U can look them all up on the internet. If you have an allergy to chicken this is not a protocol for you as you will real.
    My dr. is a professor who says the hyalgan is a thinner liquid so it gets to the area easier but he did give me 5 shots rather than 3. This one is cheaper too. I had this done 1 year ago this past dec. I went for 3 booster shots only because I was loosing my health insurance. He says that 5 should last me 18 months. I got thru 12 with no problems.
    BTW, I had no side effect at all. it is a natural substance derived from chickens. Trust me, I'm not dancing all nite or doing hours at the mall but I can get out of bed w/o a cane and I can put in 3-5 hours at the mall with just a bit of discomfort the next day.
    I hope this helps you guys. At least there are options, from salve to pain patches to an invasive ...bit expensive injection (medicare pays even for the cost of the ultrasound)
    Happy walking and I'm glad to be back
    Have a bloomin good day!
  12. ourlife

    ourlife New Member

    Thank you guys for posting...i went to my Rheumy yesterday and he gave me two shots in each has helped a little. he wants to send me for a MRI on my left knee as it hurts the worst. So i'll let you know what that says.
  13. Pansygirl

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    I have had my share of knee troubles since getting fibro. I've had times when a knee
    will give out on me but this hasn't happened in a while.

    I notice that if I sit to long my knees don't want to work properly.

    The other thing that I've noticed is it is very hard for me to go up stairs. It takes
    me a while. I get out of breathe and feel like my legs and knees can't make it.

    Ourlife just wondering how your knees are doing now and I'm curious what your
    MRI results were.

    Gentle hugs, Susan

  14. paintered

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    Hi. yes on you knee paine If I'm in the car for more then 20min. I need help getting out, I have had Fibro for 6 years and it has hit me hard in the last 3 months but did'nt know it till I told my doct. the pain was getting worse thats when he gave ma a mountin of tests.
    You may email me at in the subject area please type painter with fibro so I will know its not junk'
    Im a 60 year old man that will have to give up his job because og it.
  15. stschn

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    I get the shots every 4 months I also use cream in the morning and at night. The Doctor says I need to have the surgery but I know I could never do the exercise therapy. A rock and a hard place. Oh and the shots hurt like hell so I'm seeing my pcp to ask for pain pills to take before I'm given the shots. I have ME/CFS but not FM thankfully.
  16. bunnyfluff

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    you don't say where you live, but if you had painful knees and lived on the East coast, one of the first things a Dr would/should do is a Lyme test.

    The knee pain, as well as joint pain in my hands were some of my first, worst symptoms. My rheumy said 'fibro'... but NEVER checked for lyme.

    Fast forward 10 years, lots of EBV, pain, fatigue, CFS/FMS, wrong diagnosis........ I finally see someone that tests me *correctly* for Lyme, and sure enuf- 2 positive Lyme tests from 2 different sources.

    If lyme were to *actually* be your problem then cortisone shots would be the WORST thing you could do- it allows the lyme to grow unchecked.

    That is why finding out what is *really* wrong is so important!

    My rheumy gave me steroids b/c my ANA was high- the only reason I am still alive to tell you about it is b/c I happen to be taking Abx for acne during that time.

    I kept thinking my knee pain was not fibro b/c it was not 'just' the fat pads on each side of my knees- it was the whole knee. I should have trusted my instincts waayyy back then.

  17. Elisa

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    I have read that LLLT (which is like light therapy) can helps a great deal with pain and inflammation. They often offer it at a chiroprators office, you might call around...

    God Bless,

  18. annkennedy

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    Did he diagnos you with OA of the knees? I have that. How are you doing now?
  19. Aberlaine

    Aberlaine Member

    << If lyme were to *actually* be your problem then cortisone shots would be the WORST thing you could do- it allows the lyme to grow unchecked. >>

    I fell on the ice in January and my left knee has been terribly painful ever since. I've had three cortisone shots and none of them helped. I've been diagnosed with a "bone bruise" but I really think my doctors haven't a clue.

    When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia six years ago, my doctor tested me for Lyme Disease. The test came back negative. Recently I heard that the ELISA test is not reliable.

    Two questions: could my knee pain be due to fibromyalgia even though an x-ray showed very little cartilage between my bones? And, should I insist on another Lyme Disease test? I'm now going to a different rheumy?
  20. caroleye

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    I wrote my story below, and I know that mine is arthritis as a result of many years of athletic activities.

    I can't do stairs, but I do still wear my magnetic sleeves during the day; no pain. At night, I rub them with Triflora Arthritis Gel (found this recently). Arnica Gel doesn't work on them.

    And I don't walk alot, and forget exercise. Ahhhhhhh pain & aging; whatta combo!!

    Gotta keep trying different remedies til you find the one that fits you.

    Good luck..................caroleye