Painful legs in hot weather

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by peachums, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. peachums

    peachums Member

    Is this a fibro thing? I try to excersise every day-- and for the most part I do! Today, I excersised and as the morning went on , my legs just ACHED!

    Is it because it is 90 degrees here for the 2nd day? I turned on the AC but that is not helping my legs.

    I did a "google" seach and the first line item that came up was "Could you have fibromyalgia"?

    haha-- I do, for the past 10 years.

    thanks in advance
  2. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    Not sure where you live but we're getting 100 w/o heat index here in NJ. It may be too late for the AC to help much now for you. Once the heat has gotten to you to cause pain (if that is the cause) the problem is already there. Prevention is the best. But, stay in the AC and stay as cool as you can while avoiding getting the muscles cold. I had to go under a blanket this morning after I felt the pain and found that my skin was cold.

    Don't overheat with exercise. Maybe just some stretching so you don't add heat to already heat aggravated muscles? Heat (tub or pad) usually help relieve my pain so it's just one more weird thing about Fibro...heat hurts, and heat helps.

    I giggled at the google result!

    I've been in AC yesterday and today and I am having a flareup of pain in my entire body. Worst I've had in months. Seems an extreme in temperature, or any major change in barometric pressure causes me pain. Was lucky enough to have forgotten what it feels like...until today. :(
  3. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    I just moved back there after being gone for 30 years.
  4. pamelakc

    pamelakc New Member

    I have pain in my legs constantly if I am not on neurontin I take 600mg 3 times per day if I forget it or run out oh the pain is horrible. If the wind hits them be it from an air conditioner or a fan, or strong breeze. But also any change in the weather kills me, well my legs and toes. I guess it doesn't help that I have broke all ten toes but I never broke my legs and they hurt too. I did think the google seach was funny too. Gentle Hugs Pamela
  5. lori47

    lori47 New Member

    I too thought that the heat would help me. I live in Arizona where the temps get hot. But the heat does not help my aching legs. I feel like my leg muscles are tense from the moment I wake until I go too bed. The AC makes me ache more. But thankful we have it for the rest of my family. I too try to do as much as I can each day, but if I go over my limit I certainly pay for it for the rest of the evening. How do you cope? Any suggestions?? Take care.
  6. lori47

    lori47 New Member

    I can feel your pain with the AC situation. I live in Arizona where the heat is dry heat. And its very HOT!! The AC only makes me ache more. It's crazy but even though you get so HOT, when the AC comes on I quiver. I'm so glad there aree others out there that at least understand where I'm coming from. Im new too these boards, and finally opened my window because I need to feel like Im NOT alone. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I feel these rooms will help me soo much.
  7. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    I find that the AC makes my skin cold which causes me pain. If I put a blanket on or wear sweat pants (yeah, I know...sweats in the summer!) I can tolerate the cold and stay cooler than with no AC.
  8. Jittle

    Jittle Member

    Spelling might be bad today!!!!
    I am having the worst pain in my legs: Actually from my lower back all the way down. It feels like someone is trying to pull my ankles off of my legs. The arthiris in both knees is killing me. An I cannot lie down cause then my back hurts if I do.

    Yesterday was horrible with the humidity: Even inside I could not stop sweating.

    I am also in Jersey (South Jersey): Fainlly not 100 today, but foggy, rainy and humid.
  9. peachums

    peachums Member

    I think I am responding to barametric pressure changes. My wrist hurt so bad I wanted to cry but when the thunderstorm finally came-- my pain was cut in half!! Same thing with my legs..

    I think I read somewhere potassium and magnesium help with body reactions to low barametric pressure. I am gonna get some today.

    Thanks all for the help.

    (Yes- upstate NY is so beautiful and I love the change in the seasons. I have lived here all my life. But-- these hot hot days that finish with thunderstorms are killers for us fibro folks!)

    Happy Summer to you all..

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