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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cheilluminata, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. cheilluminata

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    My legs are killing me and I can't get relief. My rheumatologist has put me on requip but it's not working. I can't sleep, walking is difficult, I always think I'm going to fall as my balance seems off. Other med's include klonopin and skelaxin. Any suggestions out there?
  2. clerty

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    I cant take Clonazipam as It makes my muscles worse !!!

  3. Reidsbeads

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    My suggestion first and formost is get off of that clonapin. I dont know how long you have been on it but it had me missing chunks of my day "like driving to work." A "whole grocery shopping trip" I live about 20 minutes from town and drove there, shopped, got money orders, picked up perscriptons and drove back home. After I was home for about 1 hour I had told my husband i needed to go do the shopping and stuff and he thought i was kidding! I wasn't! I told my dr about these black outs and i was told to only take a half of pill.
    My dr. perscribed it for depression and anxiety and it is a powerful psycological drug so be very careful with it.
    Not being able to sleep and feeling extremely week is also a side effect. If you have it read the inserts on this drug and look up side effects or ask you pharmacist.
    I came home from work one day and was tired so laid down to take a nap and woke up in the er! They thought i tried to commit suicide but all i did was take 1/2 clonapin and laid down for a quick nap. When My husband came home and couldnt wake me up he called 911! I went for a whole ambulance ride to the hospital and I am way in the foothills of the mountains the hospital is 30 minutes from here and I had been there quit awhile when they finally didd wake me up. That stuff is really bad stuff and I have heard similar stories to mine about that drug so be careful if your going to continue taking it and watch for those signs.

    Now the painful legs part sometimes if you lay on your back and put pillows under your legs for awhile it will help. Prop them under your legs so if you were sittin up it would be like sitting in a regular chair. You know like bend your knees and put all the pillows and blankets under there. Also try a heating pad or ice on your lower back if its your whole legs that hurt sometimes that helps. Tam

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  4. cheilluminata

    cheilluminata New Member

  5. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I posted this on another thread, perhaps it might relate to you.

    I have a thought

    I get a lot of leg pain too, when it's at its' worst, I am never sure if it is bone pain, blood vessels, muscles, tendons.

    1. I have had a few times where for MONTHS, the pain was so PROFOUND and disabling. It took me a while to make the connection, but this was happening in response to useing Eczema creams, on my face. Protopic and Eledel BOTH did this and once I figured it out, I switched to a Homeopathic cream and same thing. The pain going from the groin area down the calf was HORRIFIC, maybe a 9 on a 1-10 scale. This pain lessened VERY GRADUALLY when I stopped using those, but the pain and disability lasted months. Never fully resolved, standing and walking are still my greatest disability. So that is a thought.

    2. What about the possibility of Migraine in the legs? Migraine is a Vascular event. I just deduced (yesterday) that this was going on with my heart pain, took Migraine Relief and it subsided, thankfully.

    Hope maybe something here fits and can be of some help.
  6. cheilluminata

    cheilluminata New Member

    i'm not much of a medication person. i take klonopin and skelaxin very seldom. i have been drinking water with lemon and eating bananas just in case i'm low on potasium - between the constant migraine, the overall pain and now the intense pain in my legs, i think i need an out of body vacation.
  7. cheilluminata

    cheilluminata New Member

  8. sacredeye73

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    hmm....I can't remember a time ever that I did not have pain in my legs and feet. Sad... anyhow, I sleep on top of an electric blanket every night. The heat takes the edge off. I've tried massagers, but OMG the vibration makes me sick to my stomach for some reason.
  9. irishprincess

    irishprincess New Member

    painful area i take 40 mgs of methadone and vicodin for breakthrough.
  10. Trisa

    Trisa New Member

    In fact I am up right now because
    my legs hurt so bad at night that I can't sleep!
    They just throb all night long. I take thyroid med
    but was never told that leg pain could be a side effect.
  11. clerty

    clerty New Member

    can have side effect or some tablets can react with other ones that is why I am very careful about mediaction I have had to many horrible reactions!!!!

  12. corinne1

    corinne1 New Member

    I had extreme pain in my thighs and behind my knees every day. I work as a nurse part time and am on my feet 8 hrs each workday...when I would go home-I would only lay on the couch until bedtime. This was for 2 1/2 after a bout of poss IBS, my leg pain is gone. It's still in other parts of my body-but to be able to walk without pain is the greatest thing.
    My point is...maybe the fibro has to be in your legs for a while, then it will move on. I never thought the pain would stop, but it did. Try to think of it this way. I think everyone has a cross to bear in this life and if God has given this as mine- I will live through it. When you see what hardships others have- diabetes, paralysis, cancer... pain can be handled
    it's not going to kill us!!!
  13. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    How long have you been on the requip and has your dr. increased it every week? My dr. gave it to me and it worked for awhile and then she had to start increasing it weekly until I got up to a full dose. That helps only for rls. For really bad pain I take a muscle relaxer and that for me really works. Also a hot bath.
  14. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    two headed homedic massager works more than anything else i have tried my legs burn throb and have a line of pain down them charlene
  15. cheilluminata

    cheilluminata New Member

  16. cheilluminata

    cheilluminata New Member

    thanks everyone. hot baths do help for a little while. and yes, my dr has increased the requip dosage to no avail. let me tell you, between the pain in my legs, the constant migraine that has no end and trying to adjust to a new cpap i'm losing it. no sleep, no respite from pain, no rest - the whole thing just sucks. this is the worst flare i've every experienced - nothing i do or have done in the past is working. i know this sounds negative, it's not, just clinical. i'm keeping a positive attitude, knowing that this too will pass eventually, it's just taking it's own sweet time.....
  17. mebonlybecky

    mebonlybecky New Member

    Lord do i know what the pain of legs feel like!!! I am on my legs alot, but I find on the days I dont work, I can't move for days.
    when they first found out what I had (fibo) I was already on Efexor 200mg, for stress. Had been on it so long, I needed to change anyway. My other dr, for my Fibo, and my OBGYN for everything else, put me on Cymbalta 60mg. At first I thought there was no way this could help going down in mg. But really after a few weeks after I had been on it for a while, I saw a different. My Dr. for Fibo, put me on Amebien Cr which helped me relax and go to sleep. I was so afraid that it would be like a sleeping pill, but its not nothing like I thought. Later I was put on Requip that helped so much! I could relax my legs. On days I really work alot and legs hurt, I have found something to put in my very hot bath water. Its called Therapy for the bath> put out by village naturaly, I get the Aches & pains, its mineral bath soak. I found it at walmart, around the bubble bath. I do this right before I go to bed, that way when it wears off, the requiped has kicked in. :)
    Also I can't stand Icey hot and bengay, I did find something that helps my knees, and hands. Its called Myoflex cream, its odorless, and not greasy. You dont get the warming feeling like other things.
    My dr. did put me on Provigil, it helps me to not fall asleep when I sit down. and also I was having attacks at nite, waking up trying to grasp for air. Now I have a sleep disorder... oh thrill.. ha ha. I been on it for about 2 weeks, and feel not as tired. And I know for sure!!!! I dont wake up thinking I will die, from not being able to get my next breath!
    These are just some that I have tired, i just thought I would pass it along, might help some of you.
    Stick in there, I know its tuff, and belive me, I will have days you will hear me not being able to take it. But I am not giving up!
    East texas.
  18. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I never thought in my life that my legs would give me so much trouble because I was always happy that the CFS/Fibro did not give me that much pain that I would be inmobile. However, since over one year ago, the pain in my legs and in my lower back and below my waiste are just killing me. I have tried accupuncture, laser treatments, but nothing worked. So I asked my doctor for Mirapex for the pain, and he put me on a very low dosage of 0.225 mg which I take at night. I seem to be sleeping better with it, but during the day I am so tired, and the pain is still there. I am afraid to take 0.5 mg because it makes me even more tired the next day.
    Anybody have any experience with this med and how it affected them? I would be very interested to know.
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  19. mebonlybecky

    mebonlybecky New Member

    I am sitting here, after a long day, then going to the ball game with my youngest. and I know your feeling. my legs are hurting so bad!!! thought i was not going to be able to walk to the car. I am on requip as well, and I was out of my ambien Cr, and the requip alone did not help me. But as soon as I got some more ambien, I saw that with both of them it helped me alot more. Also you talked about eatting bannas, but you have migraines, well there a lot of foods that are really pron to bring on migraines, and bannas are one of them. I have to watch my sour cream, which is another one. :( Also If I dont take my meds, at the same time every day in the morning. I feel off balance, dizy like. and i mean if i can sleep pass 530 i best wake up and take my meds, then I can go back to sleep. or I will be that way.
    just an idea.

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