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  1. Julie24

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    Does anyone here have very painful menstrual cycle? i have noticed in the last 3 yrs my cycle has been very painful..before i wouldnt even know i had i need to take my birthcontrols 3 months straight and skip periods because of the pain it gives me...just wondering if this is a side effect of FM??

  2. loto

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    In my case, I put up with painful, heavy periods, and my family doc told me it's something that just happens as you get older. Well, I hadn't even hit 40 yet.
    So, I went to a gyno, and right off the bat he ran tests and the whole works.
    Turns out I had a baseball sized fibroid in my uterus that was causing all the problems.
    I, like you, wondered if it was from Fibromyalgia, but no, I had this thing growing inside me, and it also sucked up all my iron. I was anemic, and after I had my uterus removed, my iron level is fine.
    Anyway, that's what I found out. And, of course, I no longer have periods. But, now I'm having a problem with a functional cyst that is on my ovary, and won't go away. You see, I chose to keep my ovaries so I wouldn't go directly into menopause.
    Now, I wish I'd have had my doctor take everything.
    But, if I were you, I'd see your gyno, or find a good one, and tell hin/her you want some answers as to why your periods are so dreadful.
    I'm glad I finally found another doctor who listened and did a full exam.

    Let me know what you decide!

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    Hi Julie,

    I had endometreosis since 16. I had severe pain with my periods and once the endo grew around muscles in my back and bowels, I had pain so bad I vomited.

    I've had all my girlie parts removed because of it. I feel 1 MILLION times better in my abdomen now.

    I have seen lots of women on here say they have had "girl issues". I don't know if it's related or not... but there are lots of women on here that can relate.

    I would definitely tell your doctor what you've notice. There are many, many reasons this could be happening.

    Good luck,
  4. Pookieprissyone

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    Hi Julie,

    My menstrual cycle became progressively worse. I would use two of those thick maxi pads at ngiht and still go through them. At the end I went nearly three weeks most of it heavy with pain so terrible I couldn't walk straight. DH knew not to talk or touch me, just have the heating pad out.
    If not for Tylenol 3 I would never have been able to work. Right after I turned 25 I had to have a hysterectomy. (Still have ovaries, thankfully they were okay.)

    I thought I read somewhere that many females with FMS/CFIDS had bad menstrual cycles like this. Wish I could remember where I'd seen the info. Maybe do a Google search?

    Hugs and all the best,