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    I was at work yesterday. I'm an RN and work three 12-hour shifts every week. Well normally my legs ache throughout the day and by the time I get home they're pretty painful. Yesterday evening out of the blue my arms started aching soooo badly. It felt like my skin was on fire and I was just in so much pain. I kept rubbing them to try to make the pain go away, but at one point I was almost in tears. By the time I got home from work not only were my legs throbbing, but my arms were hurting tremendously. I have an appointment with my PCP at 2pm because of the stomach issues I've been having. The rectal bleeding stopped, so I have a feeling that was just a fluke. But I've still been having stomach pain on and off again. I think I may end up just sucking it up and making an appt with a rheumatologist. All I know is I can't have another night like I did last night. Today my legs are aching as usual, but nowhere near as bad as last night. It seems things are going downhill pretty quickly. I felt great during my pregnancy...I don't get why I'm feeling so terrible now. :eek:(
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    It sounds like a 12 hr shift is to much for your body to handle. Can you shorten your time? You have classic signs of overdoing.
    understand the type of pain you have totally.

    When I over do my arms(and legs)feel like they are on fire and going to drop off.

    I read your post on bleeding. I had the same problem it was an internal hemmorhoid! Stomach issuses also plague us all.

    Hope you get some answers. You are doing wonders working as a nurse and a mom too. just remember to take care of yourself.
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    I could request to work 8-hour days instead. I just like doing the 12-hour shifts because then I only have to work 3 days a week. I don't know if I'd have the energy to work 5 days a week at this point. I've thought about working part-time or maybe even talking to my husband and seeing if there is any way we can do without me working at this time, but I don't think it'll be do-able. I have the bigger salary of the 2 of us, so it's my income that we really depend on. It's so much pressure especially now that my symptoms are returning. I hate this illness more than anything! I just don't understand how for the last 3+ years I've been doing great with virtually no symptoms. Now, all of a sudden, I feel terrible most days. Some days I feel half decent. But recently it seems I'm in more and more pain.
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    I feel so bad for you,this has to be very hard. My biggest concern is that from what you are saying your body is telling you that you are over doing it.

    could you be in a flare? One of the horrible things about this dd is the rollercoaster it puts us on. Feeling good then bam crap again.
    Overdoing is the worst thing we can do. Trust me I didn't listen and now I'm homebound with partically no life.

    Please listen to your body its telling you are overloading. Do you take any supps or meds? Understand totally income wise,could you maybe cut back to 10hrs? What kind of nurse are you? any heavy lifting etc? could you take a medical leave?

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    I definitely think this is a flare. It's been so long since I was in this much pain. Now everything hurts. I don't take any meds at this point, but I'm going to my doctor this afternoon. I'm sure he'll tell me to make an appt with the rheumy. I'm hoping he can at least give me something to hold me over. I'm work as a cardiac nurse in an inpatient hospital. We do heavy lifting from time to time, although our hospital has purchased devices which help to cut down on heavy lifty. We're considered a "no lift" facility, though there are still times we need to do it. I thought about a medical leave, except that I just got back from maternity leave in the beginning of November. I've been back to work for 3 months, and I'm not sure it would go over too well. I've even thought about possibly seeing if I can find work in a nursing home. Many of the nursing homes the RN's do more of the paperwork and medications as opposed to the hands-on stuff.
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    Hi Kim! ;)

    I completely understand what you are saying; I, too, am a 12 hour RN. The only difference is, is that I work nights at a hospital. I live an hour away from the hospital and my work shifts always turn out to be more like 14 hour shifts!!!!

    Anyways, yesterday I was soooo sick from the pain after I got home from work. I hurt so bad that I cannot sleep which makes it worse. I also know that with me, when my pain is through the roof, (like yesterday), I have more stomach issues, like what you mentioned.

    I know part of my problem is that I don't get any sleep. No matter what I may take, I cannot sleep. On my days off I usually finally fall asleep about 4:00 in the AM, but only sleep for about 20 minutes at a time during a 2 hour period. I can't stay in bed past 06:30 AM, so then I am up all day doing house work, leave for work at 17:00, start my shift at 19:00 taking care of 7 med/surg/ortho pts, then once I get home the next AM, I hurt so bad that I can't sleep no matter what. UGH!!!!!

    I am sorry to be "waaa waaing..." here, but I know that you understand, and I just want you to know that I understand what pain you are going through! I wish you luck today at the Dr.'s.. Please keep us updated, OK?

    Feel better! Rest PRN ;).