Painful procedures, ask this first

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    Several years ago my friend went to the local well regarded surgeon about a brease problem. He said she had to have procedure XXXXX and it could be somewhat uncomfortable. She called around and at Yale they offered a new way to do it, pain free and it was only an hour away.
    When a doctor says you need to have anything done ask point blank if there are other options or ways to have it done. Lots of small town facilities cannot afford to keep up with the latest new equipment.
    For some time after belly button gall bladder surgery was afailable many people were still having their entire innerds cut upen cuz their surgeon didnt know how to do the belly button procedure and didnt have the equipment.
    Cookiemonster just wrote about a really tough experience in her dr. office and that prompted this post.
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    Also, always ask if there is a lesser treatment available. Some docs want to go straight to the most invasive, painful, expensive procedure when another treatment might help.

    When I was in my 40's and had returned to college, I was having excessive menstral bleeding. My doc wanted to do a D&C. I told him absolutely not, that I didn't have time for going to the hosp. and having this done. I said, "Give me another option." Also, the D&C carried some risks associated with it.

    He said there was the possibility of using hormones to cause the sloughing off of the uterus lining and then doing what essentially is the same thing as an abortion only on a nonpregnant woman. You first take the hormones, have a period and go into the doc's office to have the procedure done. It causes some cramping, but it wasn't that bad.

    The doc had warned me that this was at that time an experimental treatment and he had no idea whether it would work. If not, though, I could always have the D&C later. It worked permanently for me and I never had to go through the D&C.

    We usually have a lot more choices than we think. That is why it is so important to ask questions, get second opinions, and research, research, research.

    Love, Mikie