Painful trigger points in both hips, help

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    Does anyone have painful trigger points in the hips? The easiest way to describe this is whenever they show a picture of FM trigger points on the body, they always show the hip area, well this is exactly where my extreme pain is.

    My massage therapist says she feels like both my hips have small hard rocks in them, and when they are massaged it feels very painful, but good at the same time, hard to explain that one. But, if they are massaged too much, I am so ackey, and my hips actually burn, or at least my skin feels hot to the touch, almost inflammed. The problem is, even with massage, this never goes away. If the pain is severe, I can feel it down my right leg, almost into my groin.

    I have had cat scans, MRI's, nothing is revealed, my rheumatologist even gain me a Kennalog injection in the area. It did nothing, but at least it didn't make it worse. I also tend to get knots in my lower shins, which my massage therapist has been able to work those out, but not in the hip area. She also told me my muscles get shortened, which I still don't understand that one. Anyway, aside from taking large doses of NSAIDS, which I hate to do, but only the NSAIDS take the edge off. I was even going to ask my doctor if she would give me Anaprox, since I heard that one works well. Anyone else have this? What else can I do? Hugs, Chelz.
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    some will say , oh sounds like u have myofacial pain syndrome. well to me you have FM (mps is simply a result or symptom of fm in my humble opinion) and the trigger pts is a dysfunction of FM at the muscular and tendon level . of course most researchers say our muscles and tendons are fine which is a bunch of balony. i havent met many with fibro without shortened and tight ropey muscles and muscles and tendons that hurt more after they are used.

    Fmers muscles and especially connective tissue is a mess as we dont get deep sleep where various hormones and biochemcials are released to help repair our muscles and connective tissue from daily wear and tear. low growth hormone is one of the main hormones that I feel leads to the dysfunction at the muscle/connective tissue level.

    steroid injections usually dont help Fmers. u might want to try trigger pt injections or i saw on here yesterday i think a post about laser therapy that helped those with FM with trigger pts. good luck

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    Yup, I also have VERY painful hips. I've also had MRI's and x-rays, but unlike you, they showed degenerative arthritis. I usually like sleeping on my side but lately I haven't been able to do that very comfortably. When I get into the passenger side of our car, I actually have to take my hands and lift my right leg into the car.

    I had really bad back and leg pain in December and January. I saw a pain doctor who diagnosed inflamed sacroiliac joints and suggested cortisone injections on both sides. OUCH! But they actually helped.

    I know what you mean about the massage hurting and feeling good at the same time. Weird, isn't it?

    Heat helps me sometimes. If it works for you, you might want to try some of the patches that get (sort of) hot. I've used them on my back before and they actually stay hot for quite a while. They've helped me when I use them. I wish I had some other advice to give you.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better.
  5. Chelz

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    Thank you all for posting. Heat does seem to help me a little bit. Sometimes I will take a warm washcloth and place it on my hip/buttock and groin area. Maybe the moist heat tends to help the trigger points to become a little less aggressive.

    What is so interesting is that ordinary heat and humidity tends to flare me up a lot. My hips feel so sore and inflammed when the humidity is high, which is why I do not like summer time.

    It is also true what Rogue had said, that docotors say our muscles are fine, are they kidding? Almost all FM's do have some type of muscle dysfunction, or maybe it's nerve dysfunction, who knows. Since I have been diagnosed with FM is 2002, they are still so clueless about this condition. I have been in pain with FM since I was about 20, I'm now 45, wouldn't you think they would come up with something by now to explain all this weirdness?

    HeavenlyRN, I just felt your pain when you said that you had to lift your right leg into the car, I can just feel your pain, it's awful. What kind of doctor diagnosed your inflamed sacroiliac joints? I ask because I have often wondered if that might be my problem as well. Hugs, Chelz.
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    I also have a lot of hip pain, but also butt cheeks pain. In my case, the buttocks are just big globs of fat, but that is where my worst pain is. I have had full pelvic, hip, low back xrays, and a MRI. I am 58. All it showed was very slight narrowing (consistent with my age) where the sacral nerve exits the spinal cord. A respected neuro surgeon said surgery was not indicated and that this was not the cause of my pain. I am however suspicious, as a fibromyalgia sufferer often is, that maybe this slight narrowing might not be felt by others, but for me, it is a deep knawing ache in the buttocks. P.S. It also sometimes extends to the hips, thighs, and groin.
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    Since being dx w/CFS in the 80's; then fibro; then Lupus; which I feel are all connected, my pain has become a daily challenge.

    So I have my "tools"........usually I get hit with the low back, hips, sciatica when I go to bed. So first, I lay on an ice pad for my lower back; then I rub a natural arthritis cream on my knee; then I rub "Stopain" on both upper arms and hips.

    I also use something (hard to explain) but kinda like using tennis balls, and lay it under my butt, lower back and side of hips for about l/2 hr.

    I keep my magnetic knee brace ready, as I get up in the middle of the night with some kind of pain. The brace helps the sciatica pain. Then I may use the Stopain again.

    I"m blessed w/being able to be a medicinal Mother Plant user which relaxes my body & sleep.

    Finally when I know it's time for a chiropractic visit to balance my lower back, sacrum, pelvis, that helps, but can't do much of it (maybe once every couple of months).

    A helper often gives me a light massage in those areas as well.

    I'm in my late 60's now, so symptoms have progressed until I'm now housebound.

    Hope some of these tools help.
  8. Nanie46

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    Yes, I have that too.

    My fibromyalgia is a symptom of a chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme).
  9. greatgran

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    Yes, have the symptoms too.. Finally dx with chronic lyme disease.
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    I have had fm for 3 yrs now and just the last 6 months have suffered extremely bad pain in my hips I can't cross my legs it burns some nights are so bad I can't sleep on my sides
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    There are a lot of overlapping symptoms with many of our conditions. When people talk about "trigger points," they are referring to myofacial pain syndrome which does cause painful lumps which are relieved with massage to "unsnag" the knots in the facia.

    "Tender points" are the areas in all four quadrants of the body used to diagnose FMS. A person can have FMS without having all these tender points. In fact, we are all different and many of us have a whole range of symptoms, including knots and aches and pains.

    Years before I ever was diagnosed with CFIDS/ME and FMS, I had the pain you describe in the same area. In fact, it preceeded my diagnoses by decades. I wish there were more reliable ways to find out what is wrong with us.

    Love, Mikie