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  1. onnaroll

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    My pain now days feels like a big sore raw spot very deep in my back. and i get stinging and burning spasms right on top of the sore spot .grrrrrr anyone else??? I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I think i need too up my meds again.ughhh
    maybe i need differant pain meds? I had to vent this pain im having is really bad!! and im really sad at the molment, thinking about how things used to be before this nightmare creeped into my life. ive had some real scary spasms that are incredibly painful here lately well they always have been but it kinda seems like their getting worse. anyone know of a good pain med for this? I dont know how much more of this i can take.........
  2. onnaroll

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    hydrocodine 7.50 nortriptyline and the dreaded drug effexor xr, probably not a bad idea to take another one i just hate taking all these meds..=(

    but theres got to be something better for theses terrible spasms
  3. JLH

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    Do you ever use a heating pad on where the pain is? It helps me a lot.

    And .... sometimes, I go the opposite direction: I use ice packs to numb the pain!
  4. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    yes i do and im going there i was just really curious how many on this board suffers the way i do.

  5. abgranny

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    Have you tried a chiropractor? I have a deep pain and very tender spot on my spine between my scapula (shoulder blades) went to the chiropractor and 1 treatment helped about 3 mo.
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    Yea I do but the pain meds backfired on me so I can't help you there.

    Please make sure you are drinking lots of water daily.

    Plus make sure your BM's are moving daily.

    Then I'm in great PAIN I can not be paying attention to those two things because of the pain. This may not help you but maybe it will.

    I'm praying for you today to get a brake from the pain.
    It is so draining and one of the hardest things to have to deal with.

    We need a break from the pain no matter how short lived the break is.

    OT/I just looked at your bio. I live in Idaho too! Southern Idaho :) It's soooo cold nowdays. I think we would feel better if we lived in

    Take care,
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    Hi Onnaroll! Where in Idaho are you, if you're comfortable saying, of course?

    I was born in Kellogg and spent a lot of time in Pinehurst and Kingston growing up. Beautiful area!

  8. minimonkey

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    Yes, yes -- I get these, and sometimes they crawl up my neck, into my head, and cause a migraine.

    Chiropractic helps me some (he does trigger point work -- soft tissue massage) -- Vicodin keeps it dulled, but doesn't eliminate it. I'm on effexor too ... can't tell if it is doing anything or not, but down't seem to be hurting me.

    Flexeril does nothing except give me dry mouth. Stopped working years ago.

    Ice and heat both help -- the type of spasm I get isn't inflammation, so heat is fine. Sometimes I alternate ice and heat.

    Not telling you anything you don't already know, except that you are not alone....
  9. onnaroll

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    hi nope ive never tried flexir forgot the spelling all ready lol

    what it for pain and spasms?

    UM i find moist wet heat then altornating with ice the best.

    thanks ronda
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    lol i lived their for a good 15 years. i was born in renton seattle. my parents owned the barrel cafe in osburn for about 4 years. and then the least the good numbers cafe at the old down town bus depo for over 13 years. i live in couer,d alene we are neighbors..=)
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  11. tammis

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    Yes I too have a spot in my upper beck that aches constantly,I ask myself do I do something wrong to always make that hurt?But when it goes on and on,Im assuming its part of fibro,Who knows,I do get messages,And she works that area deeply,So Guess its my tender area.Good luck.
  12. jennypee

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    You lucky gal, couer d'alene is beautiful. Are there even any ugly parts at all? I haven't spent much time there, except for the park and the occasional trip through town to get somewhere else, but it always looks so perfect.