Pains in toes

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jill, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. Jill

    Jill New Member

    I am wondering if anyone suffers from pains in the toes and tingling and some burning. I know it is not neuropathy as I have been tested. I would appreciate some feedback. Thank you.
  2. Dozzer

    Dozzer New Member

    Hi-- just this morning i was inquiring about pain in feet, etc. (I also have pain in toes sometimes like someone is squeezing them too tight--also they feel and appear to be somewhat swollen so that i can't curl them up). Anyway the responses I got all said that they suffered from the same thing (also sensitive head with some bumps on back of scalp) and it just seems to be part of this DD. I do take pain meds which in all honesty allows me to keep moving if only at a snail's pace, so this helps somewhat. I hope this helps although to hear that it's just ANOTHER untreatable symptom of FM can be the pits. Sometimes when a symptom or symptoms really get me down I try to see the silliness of a grown woman standing in the grocery line on one leg to give the toes on the other leg a rest. Most often I'm not so upbeat. Hang in there---i'm finding we all have these weird things happening to perfectly "normal" bodies. Smiles and sunshine to you, Dozzer
  3. bejo

    bejo New Member

    Hi Jill.I do have pains in my toes at times.It's a shooting pain.I don't have the tingling but there are times that my feet feel hot like they are burning.Is that how yours feel? bejo
  4. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    You are definitely not alone with this! I was just tested for neuropathy, too----negative. My toes & fingers frequently feel as if someone is pinching them, or pressing down on them. My feet always tingle. There are many neurological effects of this disease, the tingling, burning & extremities pain seems to be common, a lot of us report it. It is annoying, mine gets worse & better intermittently. Hard to live with, but seems to be common....

    Hope you feel better,
  5. healing

    healing New Member

    I do have pain in my feet, too.
    But I also know that tingling feet can be a symptom of diabetes, so it's good to be tested.
  6. KathyM

    KathyM New Member

    for about three years. Sometimes I can't walk real well, and my sons (14 & 16) ask me why are you wobbling????? that really makes me feel better :) It may go away for a few weeks & then it's back. Like today it was more like a cramp, and I could not walk on my left foot. My wrists have been giving me alot of pain too. I will bring this up at my next dr's appt. I know my sons mean well, but they just don't understand the symptoms involved with fibro or mps. I think deep down they just want there energetic mom back. I would like her back too!!!! I do the best I can every day, and have learned not to push myself too hard. I say "no" alot more now. It makes me a better person:)
  7. robin

    robin New Member

    Hi Jill, I looked up neuropathy tonight but didn't
    know I could be tested for it! Just lately I have
    had burning in the soles of both feet. I have RA,
    and diabetes since last year. I thought it was
    arthritis but RA dr says might be something else.
    How does one get tested as I'd like to know. If I
    have it I have to decide whether to hang myself
    or not. I came on to read about others who might have
    it, how they came to acceptance or did they, and how
    did they know. Oh gawd...I hope not. I have enough
    going already! But then we all do. NOBODY needs
    or wants it! I also have friends with cancer and they
    don't need that! this life can be the pits eh?

  8. ColleenD

    ColleenD New Member

    I found great relief from using Venastat (horse chestnut extract). Hubby had to constantly apply great pressure to "tender points" on top of feet & inside ankle bones. But after taking horse chestnut extract (can be purchased cheaper at, that very deep pain is GREATLY reduced.