Painting Game: Vol. 2

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  1. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Here are some more paintings by people who are famous, but not as painters.
    Most of them are actors, or singers. And one very prolific painter (Winston
    Churchill) was a politician.


    Here's a painting by Bob Dylan which was described as being like Matisse.
    Our previous thread had some of his painting that were reminiscent of

    Here's one by a well know actress. She's been in the movies and in even more
    TV movies. Sometimes described as a British American actress, her mother
    was actually Dutch. Her painting looks to me like something from the
    Impressionist period with such famous artists as Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet.


    The last painting is not at all impressionistic. It is precise and formal. It is
    the work an actor mainly famous for TV shows from the 1950s. He
    said in an interview that he had always been interested in art and architecture.
    I found a whole page of cottages and gardens that he painted.


  2. hangininthere

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    Aha. I found the artist of the girl in the garden. It's by Jane Seymour.

    Here's another one of hers.


    Here's the link to more of her paintings.

    I've seen the other artist's paintings of houses a few years back, but can't remember who. Looking that up now.

    Can't find it for the life of me. Give another clue, please.

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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey! Very good, Patti. I thought if a clue were needed, I'd post, "She
    had the same name as a Queen of England." Jane Seymour was one
    of Henry the VIII's many wives. At least she died a natural death unlike
    her predecessor Anne Boleyn. That's a great pic you found. Shows
    a great deal more skill as a draftsman (or draftsperson).

    OK, a clue re: the TV star. Wikipedia said of his TV show that it was the
    first TV show about teenagers. A movie was made, but for some reason
    a different actor played the name character.

    The actor who played the main character's best friend on TV, later
    starred in a silly show about a boat trip. The show has been in syndication
    forever. Here's another pic by the artist.


  4. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Aha. Dwayne Hickman aka Dobie Gillis.

    And Dobie's sidekick was Maynard G. Krebs aka Gilligan aka Bob Denver.

    Here's a link to more of Hickman's paintings.

    Actress Jane Seymour's birth name was Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg. I read on Wikipedia when I looked for who did her painting, that she took on the stage name Jane Seymour after King Henry VIII's third wife.
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  5. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    This painting is by a famous singer-songwriter.

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Right again with Dwayne Hickman. He paints cozy lookin' cottages,
    doesn't he.

    Dunno who the painter of the above is, Patti. Can't find the picture on
    the net. The guy on the far right looks a bit like Jimmy Durante and/or
    his contemporary Georgie Jessel. Both were in show biz from
    vaudeville through movies, radio and TV.

    Here's a painting by a singer. I don't care for his singing. Always sounds
    to me like he has a bad cold. But his paintings are so good they look like the
    work of a pro.
  7. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Thomas Kinkade painted cozy cottages, too.

    Can't find your painting. Another clue please.

    His initials aren't T. B. are they?

    Not saying whole name in case it isn't him, because I found T. B. is a painter too, and I like his paintings and want to post his.

    Clue for mine:

    He was a member of the British Fab Four. I'm not wild about his paintings.
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well Ratbane! My post done vanished like the lonesome whistle of an
    old fashioned steam locomotive. Have ta try again another day.

    Yes! Tony Bennett is the artist.

  9. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Rock, I get email notification, so I'm copying & pasting your lost post here.


    [​IMG] "You are T. B. The Best. Yup, it's Tony Bennett. If your pic was by a
    Fab 4 guy, it must be John Lennon. His stuff looks like squiggly doodles
    to me.


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  10. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Rock, I retrieved your lost post from my email notifications, and posted it above this one.

    It's not John Lennon. I like his squiggly doodles.

    It's the cute Beatle.

    I like all Tony Bennett's paintings. There are tons of them.

    Here's a link to his complete works:

    Here are a few more Bennetts I like:

    "Monty Alexander"

    "Old Chicago"

    "Orchids" (for Gordon)
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, Patti, aren't you amazing! You found my missing post. Just like Mr. Keen,
    Tracer of Lost Persons. Remember that old radio show? Bennett's orchid looks
    like a phalaenopsis to me. Gordon has some.


    Here are a couple paintings by a very popular actor in the days of our yute who is
    no longer with us. He played both serious and comic roles. If you don't like his
    stuff, I guess you could say, "Some Like It Not".


  12. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Got it. Tony Curtis.

    Here's a link to more of his:

    Nope, I don't remember listening to any radio shows. Just T.V.

    Here's a watercolor by a British nobleman.

  13. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    I remember Mr. Keen, tracer of lost persons too Rock. Also The Inner Sanctum and The Great Gildersleeve Does anyone remember the early tv show, The Millionaire? GB
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It's a lithograph by Prince Charles, Patti. I saw it yesterday when I was
    looking for celebrity paintings. I read that Prince Philip does some
    painting too.

    Yes, GB, I remember all those great shows. Used to do my homework while
    listening to them and shows like Jack Benny, I Love Luigi, Our Miss Brooks,
    Lux Radio Theater, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Fiber McGee and
    Molly, Dragnet, Our Hit Parade, The FBI in Peace and War, You Bet Your life,
    etc. Great stuff. A lot of it is still available on Youtube, tapes and CDs.

    A while back (10-12 years?) we used to play similar games. Somebody
    posted this pic. Kinda looks like a rocket about to take off. Can you
    identify it?


  15. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Hi GB. Glad you checked in. Was wondering if you were alright.

    I found it. I googled 'rocket shaped building' and voila.

    It's a 41 story building in London, called "30 St Mary Axe" after the street it's on. It's also known as "The Gherkin"

    Here's the link telling all about it.

    Here's another view:

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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, Ratbane! Hit the wrong key and lost my post. I'm just getting too
    Alzheimery to do much of anything anymore. Think I'll go to bed and sulk.

  17. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Rock, Yep, there were a lot of great radio programs when we were growing up. Oddly enough, my oldest daughter mentioned that she and her hubby like to listen to old radio shows on Youtube and their favorite is Inner Sanctum! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh.

    One of my favorite early tv shows was Playhouse 90. I'm going to see if I can find it. Also, Robert Montgomery Presents.

    Patti, Yep, I'm still around. I've done some changing in my sleeping habits in the last couple of months and have not felt as well. That's why I don't post as often. I had been sleeping days for many years and then, for some unknown reason, I couldn't sleep. Gradually, I started to sleep more at night and now I am completely a night sleeper with one afternoon nap.

    I can't figure out what happened! I like being awake days but I feel groggy a lot and my pain has increased quite a bit. I miss the solitude of being awake at night though. It was so quiet and I didn't feel pressured to do as much. Oh well, nothings gonna be perfect. :) GB (Groggy Bystander)
  18. hangininthere

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    Poor Rock, you're in a real pickle.

    I wish the edit and delete icons weren't right next to each other everywhere.

    On PH, to delete, a pop-up box shows asking you why you want to delete. If that happens, just x it out if it has an x. Or back-arrow to go to previous page you were on before you accidentally clicked delete. (Never tried it, so not sure if it would workee.)

    Sometimes on PH, when I start typing a post then get too tired to finish and want to delete it and try anew later, I can't get rid of it. When I go back to the thread later to try again, it's still there in light print. I have a heck of a time getting it to delete and let me type something different. I wish you found your lost post like that. It never made it to my email.

    Hi Groggy Bystander, so that's what the GB stands for, haha.

    I love being up at night when it's quiet and I don't feel pressured to get anything done. I know exactly what you mean.

    What a kawinkydink that your daughter mentioned old radio programs and YouTube.

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  19. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Yes, Patti. The goofy lookin' skyscraper is in London. The picture I posted indicated
    that its name was the Swiss Re Building. No indication why that was the name.
    Maybe the architect or the engineers were Swiss? I don't think the building
    looks much like a pickle. Could be the engineers were in a pickle about how to
    turn the plans into an actual structure.

    Can't remember what else I tried to post yesterday. Doesn't really matter, I
    guess. As my mother used to say, "What will it matter in a hundred years?"

    GB, in the early days of TV, as I'm sure you remember, there were so
    many "Playhouse" programs. Sometimes with original scripts; sometimes
    with adaptations of famous plays/movies. Sunday afternoon had prestigious
    programs like Omnibus and Hallmark Hall of Fame. I think the focus today is
    on money. Head of Programming to his staff: Well, we've completed our fall lineup.
    I'm happy to report it's a solid 78% trash which should mean our Christmas
    bonuses are in the bag once again. Personally I'm planning to buy another island.

    Is there anything that helps with your pain, GB? I just spent an annoying week
    with a painful neck. All I did was turn my head to look out the car window.
    Anyhoo, aspirin and the hot pad and an electric massager all helped. I think
    I am now back to my previous state of poor health.

    And, in closing, here's some advice I found on the net about getting ahead in life.

    Never, ever give up. EVER! Perseverance. Optimism. Tenacity. Intelligence. Savvy. Mental toughness.


  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    The list at the end of my previous post made more sense when it was vertical.
    Howsomever, the computer rearranged it.

    Here's a painting that looks a lot like a photograph. Kinda hard to imagine
    such a nice house so close to a railroad track. Anyhoo the artist is an actor.
    He's pretty old now. On the other hand he's a few years younger than I.
    I think the last time I saw him he was on a Golden Girls episode where he
    was trapped in the 60s.

    I read he went to a School of Design after High School and has a Masters
    Degree in Art. He is quoted as saying the most influential painting in his
    life was The Piano Lesson by Henri Matisse.

    Oh, What the Heck. Might as well put up another one. I'd put them side by
    side if I knew how.