Palm Sunday

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    Anyone else feeling blue because they missed church today??

    I just sent my family out the door without me, and it doesn't feel right!!

    I'm dealing with headaches, and super tight muscles in shoulders and neck, and welcome the quietness while they are gone. But hate missing out once again on family stuff.

    I thought i would come and fellowship with those here.

    Zech. 9:9-10
    People of Jerusalem, shout! See, your king comes to you. He always does what is right. He has the power to save. He is gentle and riding on a donkey. He is sitting on a donkey's colt... Your King will announce peace to the nations. He will rule from ocean to ocean.

    Donkeys were valuable animals, carrying heavy loads. Donkeys were gentle and patient animals. They can be ridden without being "trained".

    A donkey was known as an animal of peace. It was never ridden into battle.
    By riding a donkey, Jesus showed that He had come to make peace between God and people.

    The Lamb of God; Rev. 5:12
    The Lamb, who was put to death, is worthy?.... He is worthy to receive honor and glory and praise!

    On this day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, no one realized that Jesus was God's own perfect Lamb, coming to be sacrificed.

    At the beginning of Jesus' ministry, John the Baptist had pointed to Jesus, "Look! The Lamb of God! He takes away the sin of the world!" John 1:29

    Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

    Please add any song, scripture or thoughts you have to this post!

    Praise God!
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    I just posted the Bible Study for this week and this is exactly the what we are looking at for this week. Thank you so much for the information you gave.

    I miss being in church during Easter starting with palm Sunday. This is the only holidy I really enjoy or care about. I really don't like Christmas (the way the world celebrates it).

    I'm always so overwhelmed with the love Christ had for us to be able to endure what he did for someone like me. I think it's really difficult for us to really, truly understand the intensity of that kind of love. I'll be crying my eyes out if I don't stop now.

    Have a great Sunday, enjoy the time to yourself.
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    I did not feel blue about missing Palm Sunday. But I prayed, and I had a strong need to play "The Palms". Both churches I was employed at are going through serious crisis right now, and I am glad I am not sitting there and listening to a man preach who is under investigation for all his sexual affairs.

    No, I don't miss the organization or the pomp. I have plenty of memories, and have decided at this point in my life to have a relationship with God alone. No middle man. I finally after four years feel no guilt for not being physically in attendance.
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    That is beautiful. Every Easter and Christmas I ask God for a fresh revelation and I haven't had a chance to do that yet. So thanks for the fresh insights. Bless you.
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    I remember "The Palms"- as a kid, our organist played it every Palm Sunday. I haven't ever played it, myself.
    I played at a funeral again on Saturday, and it was a nice Christian service. The daughter of the man who passed away wanted it to be on the happy side, so the hymns reflected that. Plus I played Pachelbel's Canon and at the end, Hallelujah Chorus! It went pretty well.
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    It is hard for me as well to get out and we are new to our area. Since we do not have a home church here, we hold our own service here at our house. Me, my hubby and son. Not only we are worshipping the Lord we are doing what I think please Our Lord. Reading his word and drawing closer to him as a family. I could not ask for anything more than this....What a blessing! Praying for all!!