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    Hi ,i sometimes get palpatations after i exert,lately my heart has started racing when i am stressed.Nothing seems to calm it unless the situation is under control.Usually lasts from 2-3 days.I even get up at night with it.It is anxiety i know but not a full blown panic attack.There is no tingling ,numbness or associated sweating.I have a very low threshold to dealing with stress..I havent seen my PCP yet she may prescribe an antianxiety or beta blocker.
    Are there any alternatives to medication ?I have read about deep breathing and meditation it doesnt help me.Are any of you on treatment for this.What do you take.
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    Magnesium HELPS, but unfortunately I still need to take a beta blocker, Atenolol. Used to take 50 mg. now I take 25 mg. Beta Blockers will deplete CoQ10,so ask about taking supplemental CoQ10. I take 300 mg. per day.
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    I would first try some GABA. You can take it during the day in smaller doses 100 to 200mg and larger at night 500-1000mg. It's very calming and helps to inhibit brain activity (your body makes GABA so it's a natural thing but some people don't have enough) - (I take 500mg at bedtime to help with sleep). Also, you can try L-Theanine which is calming but keeps you alert - 200mg during the day works for me when I've had a really stressful day.

    Also, get any MSG or Aspartame out of your diet if you haven't already done so. These are very stimulating to the nervous system and are not good for us.

    good luck!
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    I definitely have this. I have been chalking the increase up to starting Effexor in the past 3 weeks, as this can be a side effect. Have you started any new mediciines lately?
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    Thanks for your advise.I havent started any medications lately.Like i said the situation os under control and so is my anxiety.I have to prepare for the next one.Did you see a psychiatrist or just your PCP.
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    I have had Anxiety attacks, where it felt like my heart was going to pop out(panic attacks) i had to leave the store- once I got out I did my breathing for a few minutes and went to my car- left my husband inside... Anyways I am on zoloft 200mg. and xanax which calms me down- It is scarry, remember what works for one does not work for another- it is a hit and miss situation along with FMS,IBS and all that other fun stuff- just keep trying different things.

    Panic Attacker
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    .....turned out to be atrial fibrillation and I am taking a beta blocker.

    The palpitations recur when I consume caffeine.

    So, I have eliminated all caffeine (including almost all soft drinks) and it works for me.