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    I had a bad back for several years, before my full blown symptoms of post viral fatigue came on. I was prescribed celebrex which I believe is a NSAID, and since then, I suffer from palpitations. I was on them for 2 weeks, when my doctor promptly took me off them. It is worse when laying down, feels like a big blob of jelly wobbling in my chest. I am now on beta-blockers, got rid of the palpitations for several months, but now I am starting to get them regularly again. I did have an E.E.G.which shows I have an ectopic heart beat. Charlie 21
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    Charlie I get palpitations a lot have had tests but it shows nothing I guess mine are just another thing put down to fms I live in Australia and am sure they took celebrex off prescribed list or drs don't script them because of heart problems good luck with finding an answer to them
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    These are common in CFS/FM due to increased sympathetic drive. If they are causing problems, there are some good meds to help. Maybe you need to increase your med or tey something else. If they are frequent, they can be a bit worrisome.

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    Don't forget the thyroid.

    Hyperthyroidism, overactive thyroid, can cause irregular heartbeat as well.

    Vagal nerve problems can also cause irregular heartbeat - nerve goes from cranium all the way down to SA node in heart.

    Make sure your serum electrolytes are okay also, sodium, potassium.

    Sorry, probably giving you too many possible causes but definitely tell your doctor so that you can have more comprehensive testing to rule other things out.

    Madam Curie

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