Pam_d and Sbilek: Did you have to remove jewellery for NAET

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. shelbo

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    I have received guidelines in the post ( a list of do's and dont's before the treatment). Amongst them were, remove all jewellery prior to treatment..

    And others such as eat well before the treatment and ensure you're well hydrated and free of strong smelling perfumes on the body..

    I sort of get the last few, but the jewellery thing... Were you told that...I'm wondering why it is and it is a pain in the backside as I wear my mum's eternity ring (from my dad who's passed away) and the problem is my finger has swollen with weight gain...I fear I will have to get it cut off..

    Thanks guys,

  2. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

  3. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

  4. pam_d

    pam_d New Member NAET practitioner recommends limiting jewelry...probably because of the mineral content. So far, the things I've been treated for have not involved minerals, so I have kept on my wedding ring & small earrings---that's about the extent of my jewelry, I never wear a lot.

    However, as it happens, this Wednesday I'm being treated for minerals----the one that involves the most care. No jewelry, no zippers (I'm wearing elastic-waist pants that day) no metal of any kind. According to my practioner, after treatment, I have about 20 minutes to get home & remove any other stuff----like for example, bras, because of any metal hooks----but I live too far, it takes me about 35 minutes to drive home. So, I'm stopping in the restroom and removing my bra, then just driving directly home. I will be wearing cotton gloves so as not to touch car keys, car door handles, ANYTHING metal on my way home, and when I get there, still wearing gloves so as not to touch anything metal in my house. Will be putting floral tape, which is easily removed, around my glasses hinges. Drinking distilled water (as any other kind has a mineral content) and cooking in only non-metal pots, etc. No showers, etc.---until my time is up----every patient's "careful" time varies, mine tends to be around 12 hours, but can be up to 25.

    Minerals is without question the hardest, since metal is everywhere!! The others, to me, are simpler. Ask your doc about the ring, though....every practitioner is slightly different, also you might not even need to be treated for minerals---of the 18 basics, I needed treatment for 9, so half of them. Minerals is a problem for me, but may not be for you.

    I'll let you know about how the minerals goes for me on Wednesday, though. Basically can't touch anything much! But, the time afterward passes quickly, a small price to pay for eliminating an allergy altogether. Also, I plan to ask your question about how often a person must go, and I'll let you know what they say...

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    Shelbo, re the eating well and being well hydrated, of course, that's on account of the 24-hour avoidance period, so if they're treating you for, say, proteins, you can't have any type of protein for 24 hours, vitamin C is a tough one as it's in a lot of foods, and being hydrated, they could be treating you for, as Pam said, minerals, so that would mean you could only have distilled water.

    Re the jewelry, yes, I do remember they would request that you remove all jewelry before being treated, but I always thought it was on account of it may impede the energy flow. That's a good question to ask the practitioner on your first treatment. It may or may not be a problem.

    Actually where I went, the avoidance time was only three hours, but I do think that caused a problem sometimes with failed treatments on account of you didn't avoid the substance long enough, and if there was something you were having a hard time passing, they would request you make the avoidance time longer.

    Where I went, also, if they were treating you for elastic, for example, as long as whatever you were wearing, you were wearing when you got treated, that would be okay, so if they treated you for elastic and you had the elastic on at the time of the treatment, you didn't have to remove it.

    The 15 to 20 minutes leeway that you have before being exposed to the substance can be a tricky one, especially since you're driving quite a distance till you get home. The food ones will be okay, as long as you don't smell or taste whatever you've been treated for, so obviously you can't be stopping at the grocery store on the way home from a treatment, but say like plastics, that can be a tough one. I remember when I got treated for plastics, yes, I had on gloves and walked in the door and answered the phone that was ringing. Yep, flunked that treatment.

    There will probably be some differences in Pam's practitioner and the ones I went to and yours, but don't let that alarm you. Where I went, they've been doing NAET for many, many years and have revised the way they peform the treatments many times and are still revising it.

    Don't get the ring cut off till you see your practitioner. Your first appt will be, probably, mostly going over your history and doing a test to see how toxic your body is, and may include one treatment. Or you could call ahead of your treatment and see what the practitioner says.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions. I'd have a whole sheet of them each time I came in.

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    ...that there are probably a lot of differences between practitioners; mine tends to be very "by the book"----it sounds like Sbilek's treatment (and I'm remembering from former statements, so forgive me, Sbilek, I'm not trying to put words in your mouth!) was less strict about the times following treatments----but obviously, she got better, so it worked just as well for her.

    I'm kind of liking that my practitioner is so stringent, because the first guy I saw, a Bioset doctor, had the right concept, but was very haphazard about the practice of it. I feel much more comfortable with my new doc.

    And that's a key, too----if you feel comfortable with the new NAET doc, you'll probably know that after the first visit.

    Just something I noticed recently, too----my nasal allergies, as I've mentioned, seem totally gone. But I'd had warts on my left hand for about a year, started with one, then I got several. I'd bought the Compound W, or whatever it's called, the OTC stuff that doesn't work too well, then decided i should probably just see my doc & have them frozen or burned off, but just hadn't gotten around to making the appt. yet. After about a month into my NAET treatments, I noticed my warts have disappeared. I'm kind of wondering if the fact that my immune system's getting slightly healthier each week, that I'm absorbing more nutrients now instead of being allergic to so many things, is helping.

    Anyway, with NAET, I think you notice these little things...

    Good luck---I know this treatment is controversial for you, but I think you should at least commit to a first appt. and see how comfortable you feel with the new doctor...and don't worry about feeling skeptical----I was TOTALLY skeptical at first, and my doc responded with, "GOOD---exactly the kind of patient we like here!!"


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