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    practitioner! Did you know that? I've never read his book but I do, for some reason, like that man..

    I didn't know he was a Practitioner..

    There is a video-clip on the European site for NAET under 'news'. It says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD and NAET Practitioner.. I didn't know this about him...wonder if he mentions it in any of his books. I have the third edition of Nambudripad's book and there are Doctors' Testimonials...his is not amongst them...don't know why...I can see a positive review from him giving the treatment real credence!

    Teitelbaum speaks, on the clip, of how he has experienced relief (through NAET) from an allergy to pollen first-hand...he says it took 20 mins to eradicate this allergy and it has been gone for 5 years...WOW!

    I am trying to change NAET Practitioner right now...I feel that 220 miles round trip every fortnight was just too exhausting for me and my b/f who works a lot...he didn't complain and is eager for me to continue with her if I feel she is the right one....but with my fatigue, headaches, MCS was just too much being in a car that, it cost £32 in petrol...which is probably equivalent to about $55 or so!!

    I have contacted a woman nearer homw but she is leaving the practice where she treats with NAET and moving to another clinic where her sole role will be Reflexology treatments. I called her at home and she said she was willing to treat me at her home in her private time. She gave me Tues or Thurs as a fortnightly option and I said I'd ring her back when I checked with my b/f's schedule.

    I called her back and she said there was a complication. She had, in the meantime, seen her b/f who told her it is illegal for her to practice any business from a rented house (she lives in a rented house). She has told me she will need to think about it and call me back...that was yesterday and nothing thus far.

    So, it looks like I might be booking in with the man I had originally planned to see after all...who she says she knows and who she claims tends to "go off into the airy-fairy". Well, I don't really feel like being involved in anything illegal and I do like to use my own judgement about people...not nice of her to start making comments about this man, I didn't think. So, I need to think too.

    So, when I finally see her or the male preactitioner I don't intend to tell either of them about my previous session with I will be interested to see if I test neg and pos for the same things!! Only thing is, if I don't, who is right? My previous or the new one!! LOL!

    Would love your opinions....

    Thanks...I really appreciate all your help on this!

    Love Shelbo
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  3. pam_d

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    ...just saw this. Boy, I wish you could find a practitioner you really feel good about, I think that makes all the difference. I originally saw a Bioset guy who practiced with the right concept, but in a very hurried, haphazard way...and gradually, I wasn't feeling too great about him. My new NAET doctor I really love, also his nurse who does a lot of the treatments, both have a lot of experience, especially him, both are on the authorized NAET practitioner list. They practice very "by the book" but I appreciate that actually, makes me feel as if we are doing everything right and to have lasting effects. AND the office is closer & fees cheaper.

    I agree that if you change, don't tell anyone about your previous test results; see what the new ones show. In my case, I'd had extensive tests from a more traditional allergist (but one who does a lot more than the standard scratch tests on your skin) then the Bioset testing, then NAET---all agreed. Making me feel better about going thru the NAET program---I did test positive to half of the 18 basics, but there were half that were negative, too, so I didn't feel like they were finding nothing but positives to treat (and thus, charge) me for.

    I can understand you not wanting that long round trip to the first doctor, especially with gas prices going up---we are suffering with that here in the US, too, I just got a raise at work, and it's all going into my car's gas tank! I think that some folks on this board would travel that far, and I would, too, but only for a doc that was one-in-a-million. For a doctor I just wasn't sure about, I'd never bear that expense and travel time.

    Not sure what the right answer is for you, but I hope it works out for you to find someone closer to home. Don't know if Sbilek has any further thoughts on this, but hopefully she'll see this...

    Good luck & keep us posted!

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    ...that kind of positive reaction (like he had to the pollen) is very similar to my nasal allergy experience....after my limited Bioset treatments, which as I said, were not nearly as thorough as I think they should've been---I much prefer the NAET program I'm on now---my nasal allergies (pollen, ragweed, trees & grasses, molds) were literally gone, as if I'd never been a person with hay fever & seasonal allergies my whole life. This is what initially gave me the confidence to trust in this system...I was doing nothing else different in my life, was living in a climate where every year my seasonal allergies were worse & worse, I'd be miserable for months at a time, with almost no effect from OTC or prescription allergy meds. Then, this past spring & summer, my allergies weren't just better, they were non-existent (I'd have settled for just better!). What was different in my life? Only that I'd done the Bioset treatments from the October-January period just before that...

    I stopped going as I didn't feel really great about my practitioner, plus his fees went up and it was a long commute, but realizing my nasal allergies had cleared made me really want to continue this type of healthcare, though--- luckily I was able to find someone really good, closer to home, cheaper.

    I'll have to read up on Teitelbaum, I know he's well-respected, I don't know as much about him as others here do.

    Anyway, let us know how it goes for you!

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    Yeah, I do hope that I find the right person...tha lady still hasn't got back to me so I may be going with the male prac after all.

    I was going to him originally and changed my mind...maybe, after all, he's the one God had in mind for me.

    I will let you know what happens with my first session.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful advice and comments - you are very generous with your time! I really do appreciate it...

    Hopefully Sbilek will get a chance to see this too..

    Love Shelbo :)
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    bumping for Sbilek
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    Naet or bioset for severe allergies. i am not able to eat any grains (once in awhile corn) or dairy. it gets hard to find things to eat, esp when winter comes and there are not so many fresh organic veggies to eat, and I feel hungry for calories of grain. the nearest practicioner is more than 100 miles away. i am too sick to drive, so would have to pay someone in addition to paying for the treatment. blah. it seems not meant to be at this time. i am learning the meaning of patience and learning to wait for the appointed time. in the meantime, i am making some headway by having glutathione and magnesium iv's. very helpful. Jen
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    I was you have any relatives or friends out of state where they do NAET? They do 10 basic treatments usually and then treat for allergens. If you could stay with a relative or friend near a NAET practitioner, you could see them daily for a few weeks or a month say, if money's not an issue for you? Just a thought.

    Hoping Sbilek will see this too!

    Love Shelbo
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    most of my relatives live in an even more isolated location than do i. good thought tho. if i can improve to the point where i can drive myself safely, maybe i will try next summer. i am learning that if there are delays, our creator usually has good reasons, in our favor for them. maybe by next summer, one will seemingly magically move to my town. Jen
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    No, did not know that J. Tietelbaum does NAET. Yes, the gas prices and the distance of driving to present practitioner is a factor.

    How close to you is the man, the original one you were thinking of seeing? I'd at least give him a try, if he's close.

    And, yes, not good warm fuzzy with the comment the second lady you talked to made, the one that was going to do it from her home. I think I'd think twice about that one.


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