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    I just wanted to say Hello to you. I have seen your post before in threads and know that you are fighting a battle with cancer.

    I too have had a few rounds with it and I know that it is difficult. The multiple long surgeries and/or radiation is what triggered my CFS/FM.

    I just want to wish you well and tell you that there will be better times for you. Having heard the words "You Have Cancer" makes a bond for all of us that have heard them. Your life is forever changed. I'm sorry that you have to join that group also.

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    I just read your bio, and, oh my gosh, what you have been through in your life! I can imagine that CFS/FM WAS triggered by the stress and trauma your body has had to undergo over the years. I'm just grateful you are still here to enjoy as much of life as you can and help others (like myself).

    I have been thankful that the FM symptoms I had before my Leukemia were pretty well under control, and had been for a couple of years. I fully expected to have the FM flare of all time hit me as I was undergoing chemo, etc. over the past few months, but surprisingly, it never happened, so far, anyway. It was good to be able to focus on fighting one thing, not two.

    Right now, I'm in remission (pending results of my latest bone marrow biopsy) but there's about a 70% chance I'll relapse within a year or two and need a bone marrow transplant (also now they do blood stem cell transplants). But now I'm just trying to appreciate every day I get to still be here!!

    With all you've been through, you certainly must have a strong spirit, and really know what "never give up" means! Thank you so much for the kind note.

    (((Warm Hugs)))
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    I'm happy to hear that you are in remission. Remember the doctor's do not know everything. I will trust that you are in the 30% that will need not further treatment.

    It was the opposite for me. There was a 92%+ that it would not reoccur in 5 years and I had a new cancer in 9 months.

    There was a lot I learned from having cancer. It certainly can change your perspective quickly and most of the time for the better. It's the shock factor that is so hard as first. It takes a little while to sink in doesn't it. It was like they were talking to someone else...not me.

    Take good care of yourself and keep me posted. Best of health to you.