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    Hey I have a question for you if you dont mind answering. What pain clinic did you go to in Austin? I promise I would never use your name. I am curious if it is the same as who I'll be seeing of so this is encouraging. I think it is Texas rehabilitation and pain clinic Dr. Graves Owens
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    I'm glad you answered back. Yes!! Please keep my name confidential,...the name of my clinic is Pain Mgt. Consultants off of 38th and Lamar. They are great and they have given me my life back. The Dr. dude that I went to was Dr. Mallizo. Just remember to have everything written down before you go in and this way you won't forget your questions and symptoms and all the things you need to present to them. Each time you have a concern or question pop in your head before you go in write it down and keep track. Also don't forget what you have been taking and what reactions you had and what worked and what did not work. I hope this helps and if you have any more questions please ask again!!! I check this board probably 5-8 times daily sometimes more. I'm addicted to it as it has helped me so much and I do get really concerned about everyone on here and want to help. So please don't hesitate to write again!!! I'm glad your close by....Actually what do you is it FMS or CFS? I understand if you want to keep it confidential. See Ya and have a great day!! I have seen Dr. Owens name before as I do medical insurance referrals. (((HUGS)))) Love Pamela
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    Hi Pamela,
    My appt is actually March 10th. I'm kind of nervous about it .
    I have had Epstein Barr in the past and I have been diag with both fibro and chronic fatigue. I also have a low positive ana. I will be going to a doc in Oklahoma who was recommended by a neighbor of mine who has fibro next thurs and he will run additional tests. So far I have tested neg for Lupus.
    Anyway I will definetly let you know how it goes, oh I am going to a massage therapist who specializes in fibro massage today. I am at my wits end with this stuff!I am so glad you have found relief. I don't think that doc is on my ins though.
    Lets keep in touch, take care,