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    Hi there, I found some interesting things out. I decided to change a couple of things and watch what happens when I eat my normal things.

    I can now corralate the tight vice like head and pressure in the ears, the throat,stomache and back thing, with major chills and itchy sensitive skin and increased achiness with iced coffee,icecream,gingerale,wine and the biggest offender a tuna on white bread sandwich. I ate it for lunch today and I already had a lot of my sensations due to the ice coffee, but wow within 15 minutes evrything intensified 100%. Almost feels like my insides are being eaten away. Milk dosen't seem to bothering me. Burping and indigestion from the bread or tuna too. I was eating 4 peices of bread and butter at least a day to put on some weight. Some stuff is starting to make some sense now.

    Last night I had pork roast with garlic, baked potato with pl. yogurt (yuck!!!!) fresh butternut squash (without the normal brown sugar in it, first few bites were yuck) and green beans and milk. I burped about 3 times and that was it. So I started keeping a food diary in the computer for the last three days, so I can keep track of symptons.

    Can I have the recipie for your chicken waverly casserole? It sounds yummy. That is awful about paying out of pocket for your meds. If you call your doc and insurance co you could maybe get reimbursed. Have you tried lentils? Progresso lentil soup is really good , put some cheeze on it with a peice of spelt bread and butter. Be good and quick for supper. You can make flatbread really easy. 1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 1 tbsp of oil, 1/4 tsp of salt. Mix it well, use a dry preheated griddle, cook like a pancake. You could use a egg if you want but you'll have to reduce the water. Used to make Aramanth walnut flat breads, they were really good, had a naturally sweet taste. Used them as bread or as a snack.

    Hope your day is going well. Love to you, Deb
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    beginning!! Yippee!! Yes I will give you the recipe..hope it agrees with you and its fast..Here goes: You will need-

    1-1/2 lbs. of chicken; 2-3 pkgs of waverly crackers crushed up; (the kind that comes in the grocery store box); 2 sticks of butter melted; 1 cup of sour cream; 1 can of cream of chicken soup

    Thaw out 1 1/2 lbs. of chicken and boil it or micro cook it til done. Save your chicken broth!!! Cube the chicken.

    Take your crushed waverly crackers and pour melted butter over them and mix all together. You might need another 1/2 stick of butter melted to add to it. Needs to be over most crackers. Set aside.

    Take sour cream (1 cup ) and chicken soup and mix together. Add chicken to it. Add 1/2 to 3/4 can of chicken broth to the chicken mix. Stir good. Sometimes another can of Cream of chicken soup is needed and/or a bit more sour cream. I like it really gooey.

    Get a medium-large glass or metal casserole long dish--

    Get your casserole dish (sorry dont have measurements) and put 1/2 of cracker mix on bottom. Then add all your chicken mix; spread evenly then top it with the last 1/2 of cracker mix. Cover with foil and bake at 300 or 325 degrees for about 35 - 40 min. When it is starting to get bubbly its ready!! So'll love it. I usually bake on 300 for 1 hour then its done but not overdone. Just check it every 30 minutes.

    Hey thanks for the soup idea...haven't thought of that..thats going to be a new idea!!! I always need new food ideas as im stuck on chuck for not knowing what to eat next. Now back to you I bet the baked potatoe hurt you too. They kill me now. Also the white bread ...oh dear me...that kills me too...major reactions with headaches that burn, body aches that burn and chest/organ pain. The meds is a lost cause the pharmacy told me and I had no choice but to pay due to having to get to work on time. But I'll get it straight next time. Gotta run...See ya and enjoy the casserole...pammy

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    So sorry for the crap at work. They are so childish!!!!What a recipie, sounds really fattening too! Are those waverly crackers whole wheat or what? I can't wait'e to make it. Some one is sendinf me a recipie for a easy addicting soda bread. I posted to your weird pain post, what you explain is part of what I get. Are you sure you are not eating some offending food? I reccomended the food diary for a few days to find out. I never would of believed that sugar and white bread could get like it dose!!
    I am worried about fibromiester, we email now, and she hasn't answered or posted since march 9th. She wrote about a chest catscan for this past monday. I pray that she is alright!!!! Talk to you later, Much love, Deb
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    The waverly crackers are just the old fashioned ones. Not wheat. Stangely enough it does not bother me. Oh dear I hope fibromeister is okay. I will look for her. Dont know what else to do. Bummer. We can pray about it. Yeah the girls are so childish..cant wait to get transferred. Thanks for listening as I get my feelings hurt and i get all shaky about it. But me must go on. Love and Hugs...Pammy