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    I wondered if anybody has looked at the drug Panavir?

    I has a web site and it looks like a good drug for a lot of virus and Hep C along with Lyme.

    It is made in Russia.
    Has anybody used or heard of it?

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    Called Russia, they claim its very effective in modulating the immune system and clearing the lymph system of viruses. You have to understand that viruses especially the herpes subspecies are responsible for causing "autoimmunity" as well as some of them directly attacking the immune and nervous system. CFS is a pathetic lable for virally induced neuro-immune dysfunction.

    This substance is polysacharride based which I think are the keys to several cures and well being. Similar to those glyconutrients that have become so popular. CELLULAR COMMUNICATION!!!!!

    3,000 rubles = around $120 USD for one course of treatment, which is 5 ampules given intravenously with specific intervals.
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    Panavir is expensive hard to get and probably doesn't work. If you're in the U.K you can buy valtrex or aciclovir here with a online consultation (no prior prescription required)
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