pancreatic cancer

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    Would like to hear from others with pancreatic cancer.
    Recently had Whipple operation at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
    Currently taking chemo and radiation here in Port Charlotte Fl., where I reside. Would like info as to survial time after completing the chemo and radiation.
    Would also like to hear from anyone in the same situation.
    Pat Reilly
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    I'm sorry you have to deal with cancer. I had breast cancer 5 years ago, but don't know as much about pancreatic cancer. May God bless you and watch over you.

    There is a cancer board on this site. If you go to the top of the page, there is a message boards area. One of the boards deal specifically with cancer and you might find more help there, since this is a board for fibromyalgia. I know you will find very caring people there who will welcome you warmly.

    You are in my prayers and I'll visit that board to see how you are doing.....

    Many hugs,