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    My wife has pancreatic cancer. In May she had the Whipple operation at Johns Hopkins in Md. She is now in chemo and will begin radiation next week. Looking for info as to the survival rate in years. We believe she is in stage 3. Also looking for any info as to future trial testing.
    Dick Reilly
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    I am so sorry to hear about your wife, I will keep her in my prayers and thoughts. I am watching a friend fight cancer also. THis is such a scary thing. It sounds like you have the BEST care available for her at MD. DId they give you a success rate w/this operation, I do not know much about this type of cancer. You would get some excellent feedback on the Cancer message board.. Just go to message boards at the top of the page here and click and then go to cancer board. Please keep us posted here about your dear wife... I pray that God will give you both strength to endure this>>> BLessings, and prayers, Iggy
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    .......I just thought you might like to know that in a national newpaper the other day, there was a heart warming story of a woman who had just won several million on the lottery. That was all well and good, but the real heart warming part was that she has fought and survived pancreatic cancer for over SEVENTEEN YEARS, fighting every stage when it progressed to other organs, into remission where she is currently at now.

    Have you looked up Dr Bihari and his treatment with Low Dose Naltrexone in cancers. Just key this into your search engine - it will come up. I am sorry that I can't help you any more than this, but LDN is something that is being used also in fibro/cfs, which is how I know a little something about it. He specifically mentions pancreatic cancer on this site, so it may be something for you to look into as another option.

    Wishing you and your wife all the very best for your future together. Keep strong.

    With best wishes
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    I'm so sorry; prayers are going up.

    If you search the web, you will probably find some good info. The oncologists should be able to give you some info too.

    Love, Mikie
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    My step-mother died of pancreatic cancer in March. It wasn't the cancer that killed her though, it was an infection. She was getting radiation and chemo. They had put a port in and it was giving her problems so they took it out. A few days later, she turned septic. She went into the hospital and never came out. I blame the chemo for weakening the immune system. She was 80 and I think she should have just skipped the chemo and enjoyed her life but she wanted to fight. They had told her she would live two years without it. She only lived four months.
    I hope your wife beats this. I don't know her age, if she's young, by all means fight it, but with my step-mother, the chemo made her sick and ended up killing her.
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    Strength and healing!prayers going out for your wife and family~