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    When I was detoxing and getting well I did suffer from mild heart palpitations and well as accelerated heart rates.This happened more frequently while killing candida.My question is this?I have a dear friend who has palpitations and an increase in heart rate of 90-110,primarily when going through die off reactions.She has had an echo cardiogram and EKG all showing normal.Normal hormonal panels as well,T-3 T-4 and electrolytes,adrenals all show normal.Because I had some of the same symptoms with all my tests showing normal,I assume many of us do go through this.These palpitations can vary slighty.Rarely if ever does she have these while not having die off symptoms.Her cardiologist says there is no reason for her to have these,as all tests show normal.She has CFS no FM though.

    So how many of you folks have had these symptoms with no abnormal tests?

    Thanks for the input,
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    THis stuff is all new to me, so could you explain what "die off symptoms" means?
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    Dieoff is when pathogens are killed off en masse by medications like antibacterias, antifungals, and antivirals. The dead pathogens become toxic when the body cannot eliminate them fast enough and it makes one feel as though one has the flu until they are eliminated. This is called the Herxheimer Effect.

    Jaster, I have palpitations from time to time but haven't connected them to my Herxheimer Effects. If I go a coule of days without taking my estrogen and progesterone, I will get them. I just passed a stress test with flying colors.

    Love, Mikie
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