Panic attack from pain

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  1. Sheila1366

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    I am in a panic from pain.My reheumy. will only give me ultram and it does nothing so I don't take it.I wish she would give me something like hydrocodine for pain.Anything.I have a messed up stomach and can't take motrin,aleve or tylenol.

    How can you convince a dr. that your pain is beyond coping with.I have asked for stronger drugs and she just won't give them to me.I am so frustrated.

  2. blessedmom2four

    blessedmom2four New Member

    how you get a dr. to give you something stronger, some dr. are just not willing to go there, with the pain meds.

    maybe find a new dr. or ask for a refferal to a pain clinic
  3. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Maybe you do need a new Doctor but try a pain chart first. You can find them on the 'net or just use a notebook. Rate your pain from 1-10 at several times during the day. Note what makes it better and what makes it worse. Sometimes if a Doctor can see that you are really taking charge and that you have something real documented, they see things a little differently. It's worth a try, I think.

    Good Luck
  4. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    I have found that you can not convince them to give you stronger drugs. Plenty have told me that Vicidon does not work for fibro pain...which many floks here will tell ya that it works for them. Have you asked her/him why you can not have something stronger? If I were you start finding a new doctor now. Good luck to ya.
  5. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I to had this problem at one time. I was going to a GP and he didn't like to write scripts for any thing narcoitc not even a T3 {Tyeloynl #3} And when he did he would write it for 30 pills with the instrustions that read.
    Take 1-2 pills for pain every 4-6 hours as needed. If I had bad back pain I those would last me 7.5 days if I was taking 1 pill every four hours as needed. And at that time I was getting really bad cramps and headaches too. And they just didn't go away with ONE pill.

    AT one time he he talked to me and told me that I had a drug problem because I was taking too many of the T3's. He went on to tell me that a bottle of 30 pills should last me at least 2-3 week's and it was not nessary to take them all the time.
    When I asked him what I should do about the non stop pain he told me to take advil and I told him that it is a antiflamiorty not a pain pill, and things like Ultram , Tordol are all non steridol antiflammitories and they do not work for me.

    So he put it in my chart that I was not to be given ANY NARCOITIC MEDS OF ANY KIND NO MATTER WHAT.!A Like I am going to run out and get hit by a car so that I can have a pain pill.

    This happened to me 2 times and finally the last doctor who my best friend goes to and she can get pain meds any time she wants them but she will only take the bare minumin and she can does not take them on a daily basis even when she is in pain as they made her goofy, But she made them last for up to 6 months taking a haalf of a pill at times. I don't like doing that. IF I am in pain I would like it to at least ease up a bit.

    So I went to a pain clinic and the doctor there started me on Lortabs 7.5's and the next time I saw him it was up to Lortab 10's. HE was one that didn't need to see you everymonth so he would write out the scripts and you had to sign for them and pick them up . HE did this even after he put me on oxycontin.

    But back to your question I had to ask for them and explain to the
    doctor that the pain was so bad and what he had given me was NOT working and I had given it a good try to get it to work and I really needed something stronger. I didn't suggest what the stronger was as it just made the Doctor think that i was a drug seeker.

    I worked as a Dental ASsistant for over 15 years and in that time the assistants were the one's who wrote out eh scripts and then the Dentist signed them so when I had to write up a script for say Lortab 7.5's I would look it up in the PDR so that I knew what it was and the reaction that it could give the patients. I wanted to know what it was so that I was more informed and felt like I was better at my job. I didn't suggest to the Dentist what he should prescribe either but it was helpfull to me to know what the patient was taking and how to look out for those who were seeking pain meds.

    I researched it and went to UDA class's on the subject of drug seekers. And I found out that they follow a pattern and their symptoms change as one medication stops working.

    Any way just ask the doctor for some thing a bit stronger , and write down a pain chart with times of day, what you were doing when the pain got bad, how bad your pain is at the time that is at the worst.

    Put it in numbers from 1-10 and I one that had what I was doing at the time the pain started { That is the BEST time to take your pain meds becauese if you take it when the pain first starts and you get the my pain is getting worse take it then and it should not get any worse. IF you keep up on your meds they work better.

    I just wanted my doctor to see what I was doing and when the pain started and how bad it was. I had to prove that I really needed some thing stronger for my pain and that yes you can hurt all the time even on pan meds.

    Find a way to talk to him about your pain meds, some doctors are scared to prescribe narcoitc pain meds as they feel they are too additive and that if they prescribe alot of them to their patients they they could get in trouble for over prescribing. So they under prescribe. OR so that is what my Pain doctor tells me now.

    But it took going to a doctor who was not afaird to prescribe me narctic pain pills to ease my pain and he kept track of how I reacted to them . Adn that they symptoms I had wehn I came in did not change from month to month.

    Sorry I am rambling on and on , I didn't sleep good last night and my husband woke me up early this morning and I have not been back to bed yet and I am getting sleepy adn so exhusted, as I have done other things like a load of washing , took out the garbage and recycleables. And cleaned out my car while I was hunting for my Insureance card that goes in my car and I thought i had lost my picture book of the grandson and it was just where I put it in my purse. OF course. And I cleaned up a spot on the carpet from last night when my grandson was eating and his sticky sucker was in my carpet and it was a RED one so I had to get it out before it set and stained my carpet.

    So now I am oging to put the coothes in the dryer adn go back to bed for a few hours and then do some more onthe house and clean off my kitchen table.

    Sorry for all the rambleing on about everything but the topic. I get like this when I am sleep deprived, Sorry
    HUGS Rosemarie
  6. hkopcza

    hkopcza New Member

    if you want to get help for your pain there are pain clnics at all large hosp they acess your pain and give your meds they are specialist and they take pain seiously
    what state are you in i'm in ct and yale new haven has on i'm sure if you look on line for pain clinics there is a list in your area good luck holly
  7. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    I think I will try a pain clinic.I will look into it today.Thanks for the support.


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