Panic Attacks/Agoraphobia

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    I haven't been here in quite a while. But somehow found my way here tonight. I read some posts on agoraphobia and I have some comments and questions. I hope someone will reply!
    I have had CFIDS/FM since 1989. I did have some problems with panic attacks before this; but I got through it. But with the CFIDS/FM, my problem with the panic is extreme. I do not want to be alone in the house. I do not want to drive alone. Does anyone else feel this way and if so, what do you do about it? Over the years I have tried the anti-depressants, but can't tolerate them.. I currently take Klonopin at night. There's much more I could write, but that is the basic facts, so I'll wait to hear from someone and elaborate some more. Thanks!
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    Especially on freeways and bridges. I live in the "City of Bridges", you can't go anywhere without crossing a bridge. Obviously, I was rather limited where I could go. I never was this way before when I was younger, I loved to drive. I think what happened with me was that after I quit working downtown I stayed home for two years and just more or less drove in my own familiar surroundings. One day I decided to do some shopping and I was in a hurry so I got on the freeway. It was a good thing I had power windows because I started breaking out in a cold sweat, felt like I couldn't breathe, and no way to get off the damn freeway. After that all I had to do was just think about driving on the freeway or bridge and I would start to go into a panic/anxiety attack.

    About seven years ago my daughter got sick with leukemia. She lived in an area where the only way I could get to was drive on the freeway over a big long long bridge. I was beside myself because I knew I had to be able to go to her house to take care of her when she would come home from the hospital. I called my doctor's office and I was very surprised to be told that this was not an uncommon phobia. They prescribed Xanax for me to take. I took a very small dose before I would drive over there. Anyway, after doing this I got my self-confidence back and now I drive all over the place with no medication. I even do the driving on all trips now in unfamiliar territory. It is such a free feeling to finally be able to do this.

    I hope that you can find something that will work to help you. I know there are many books on the subject that can help. I did see a therapist for a couple of months before my daughter got sick and this was one of my biggest issues.

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    Believe me you are not alone. I am glad that you found this site tonight. It is a wonderful place to be with alot of great people. I am in your shoes. I have had fm since 1992 and thats when the panic attacks started, one here or there wasnt too bad. About 6 years ago I started getting them pretty often and pretty bad. Finally went to dr. who gave me xanax, which I still take. I am anxious almost every single day. I too hate being home alone especially at nite, I try to get my hubby to go with me places, but this all depends on my mood. After the stiffness goes away mornings are pretty good for me, afternoons are the worse. I worry constantly, its ridiculous. Panic attacks are awful! I completely understand someone when they say they have gone thru one. When I have one it lasts for about an hour, and then I am totally exhausted. I try to take a xanax before that happens tho, but am not always that lucky.
    Low serotonin in our brains and this DD.

    good luck

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    Hi there, I take panic attacks as well but mine start when I am in amongst a crowd, I feel as though my heart is beating out of my chest ,get dizzy and my mouth dry's up I hate feeling like this but when it happens I have got to get away from everyone I never used to be like this I think it started about 4 years ago I had to stop going to church as I couldn't stand the thought of a lot of people being around me, it makes going out quite restricting where I can go but luckily my husband and family understand. Hope you feel better soon, lot's of hugs Min xx
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    I am sooooo sorry to hear you are going through is. I am recovering from agoraphobia myself and it's only been about 9 months since I was at my lowest point. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone. It all started after I got sick and the heart palpitaions started and the dizziness and spaced out feeling. I was just so convinced something was terribly wrong with me I kept going to the ER until I got to the point where I was too embarrassed to go back. I was petrified to be alone, my husband missed many days of work thinking I would call an ambulance while he was gone. I stopped driving but could manage to go places if he was with me and he drove. The thing that changed it all for me was when my son was really sick, he has asthma, and I called the doctor and they told me to bring him in. I just couldn't and lied saying I didn't have a car. The next day I woke up and decided I wasn't goning to live that way anymore. I was convinced I was dying but if I was I was gonna die living my life. I got in my car and drove to the gas station with my kids, shaking the whole time but I felt great, I did it!! I wanted my life back and decided I was just going to do the things I wanted to no matter how much panic or discomfort it caused me (this is without meds). It's something you have to want more than to not deal with the panic which I know is very hard, it's a very powerful thing. And guess what? the more you do it the more you work through the fear the easier it gets and I'm still alive and kicking. Hang in there, you can get better this can be overcome.
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    the link seems pretty strong doesn't it? I wonder how many of us can tie the attacks to hormone fluctuations? I was in the middle of chemotherapy for breast cancer when I suddenly developed severe anxiety AND FMS symptoms. But I have had CFS for 20 years. But now everything is more fibro-oriented, and it started when I went into "chemopause." chemo shuts down the ovaries, sometimes permanently. Diane